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The demand for greater convenience has changed the needs of paper packaging. From more sustainable options for on-the-go paper containers to the dramatic rise in home delivery of consumer goods, people want more from their paper product packaging. They must be durable, sustainable, and appealing. Additionally, they must comply with changing food contact regulations.

Paper converting is sustainable way to use recycled paper materials to create new paper packaging. This is done by converting different types of paper such as old magazines and newspapers into usable paper packaging supplies such as disposable food containers or coated or laminated packaging materials. This sustainable way of reusing old paper materials improves companies’ environmental footprint and helps to reduce unnecessary waste.

Henkel supports paper packaging manufacturers with options to enhance their packaging production processes to adapt to the changing consumer requirements. Henkel’s extensive portfolio of paper converting and packaging adhesives offer bonding flexibility such as fast running and easy processing and cleaning.​

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Paper Converting Solutions

As a global leader of adhesives for many decades, Henkel offers an extensive range of adhesive and paper packaging solutions for a broad range of industries and applications. There are many factors, such as good flat-lay ability and low-splashing that should be considered for optimal processing and manufacturing that also need to be considered. Our innovative products and expert knowledge provide high-quality paper-based packaging solutions that improve productivity and are created with consumers in mind. 

Our paper converting solutions reduce the environmental impact of paper packaging and can be used for a wide range of applications from corrugated cardboard boxes to disposable take-away containers and cups. With a range of water-based and hot melt adhesives, our paper-based packaging solutions provide durable and secure bonding for both food and non-food packaging.

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