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Features and Benefits

Silicone-free, highly effective polishing compound for vehicle paint systems. It eliminates wear and tear, overspray and grit sanding marks.
TEROSON® WX 178 HP Haze remover is a grey, versatile finishing liquid compound for all types of original and repair paints. It eliminates polishing marks as well as grit 3000 sanding marks and guarantees a perfect, hologram-free mirror finish. Its optimized solid content and binder ratio allow for low dust contamination and a clean work place. It is suitable for all original and repair coatings.
  • Highly effective
  • Swiftly eliminates signs of wear and tear, overspray and grit 3000 sanding marks
  • Contains high grade polishing minerals for hologram-free mirror finish
  • Versatile and suitable for all original and repair coatings
  • Silicone-free
  • Optimized solid content and binder ratio ensures low dust contamination
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Technical Information

Abrasiveness Level (1 = Low, 10 = High) 3
Colour Grey
Finish Reflection Gloss
Key Characteristics Odor: Characteristic Odor
Viscosity Unit mPa.s (cP) Brookfield