Data & Telecom Infrastructure

Material solutions that build the foundation for high-speed connectivity and reliable high bandwidth data access management networks

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As big data gets bigger and 5G technology – which will transmit data ten times faster than 4G – is set to take hold in 2020, the volume, transmission speed and processing requirements for modern communications are more demanding than ever before. The switch from wired to fiber optic connectivity between data centers and racks is stressing optical transceiver capability and increasing the heat generated by high speeds and big data volumes.

The Henkel portfolio of materials for telecom and datacom applications was designed to help boost performance by connecting key components, managing the increasing heat being generated and protecting sensitive devices in order to meet 5G demands.

Enabling the Convergence of Mobile Communication and High-Performance Computing

Faster connection between wireless devices and cloud hyperscale data services is the heterogeneous tele-data ecosystem we rely on for so many of our daily activities. 5G low latency broadband connectivity will require communication with numerous Wi-Fi 6 access points, cellular towers and antennas at the same time, resulting in the need for a greater quantity of access points, as well as more powerful data centers. 

Henkel materials are central to facilitating the reliable performance of all aspects of the electronic and optical systems found within today’s telecom and datacom infrastructure:  from device mobile connectivity to data access processing in the data center and from data center interconnect all the way to long haul, country-to-country connections. Optimizing functional performance through thermal management, system protection, robust electrical interconnects and long-term in field durability, Henkel solutions are supporting a high-speed, connected experience.


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