We partner with you to make sure your dispensing and curing equipment keeps running.

Calibration Service

We provide calibration services for all of our light meters. All meters are calibrated to original calibration standards. Data is collected before and after calibration, and a calibration certificate is issued that states test results. All units are also inspected during calibration for any potential repairs. 

Repair Service

Our technicians are available to offer advice or in-house repair services, preventative maintenance, training, or assistance in setting up a new system. If required site visits are also possible.

Spare Parts

Spare parts and accessories are available through our equipment services team.

We’re here to help before, or after, your equipment fails.

If you have equipment in need of repair, we can restore it to original operating specifications. Customers often schedule preventative repairs to coincide with annual shutdowns. We can work with you to get your equipment up and running in the fastest possible time frame.

Factory Repair Service Include

  • Trained technicians evaluate equipment based on original design specifications to identify critical and preventive repair recommendations.
  • Equipment is repaired using original factory parts.
  • All equipment is fully tested to original quality specifications.

We understand that your budget demands flexibility when you’re considering equipment for your adhesives needs

Equipment Rental

Many of our equipment products are also available for short-term rental. Our equipment rental program allows customers the flexibility to confirm the performance of our adhesives and equipment risk-free before investing in a purchase.

Highlights from this program are:

  • The ability to confirming the performance fo a new manufacturing process before investing fully in the purchase of the equipment.
  • Short production runs can be accommodated without having to purchase the equipment.
  • Equipment can be rented during the repair of production equipment to minimize downtime.

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