Bonding to Sustainable Fashion with Henkel Non-sewing Adhesive Solutions in SIUF 2022

(Shenzhen, China) Henkel attended the 17th China International Fair for lingerie industry (SIUF) during 23-25 July with its newly upgraded high-performance and sustainable non-sewing adhesive solutions. As a leading adhesive supplier to the textile and apparel industry, Henkel centres on its leading sustainable strategy, aiming to pioneer new solutions for sustainable development. With “Free Your Styles” as the theme, Henkel launched a full-scale exhibition of its non-sewing adhesive solutions with excellent performance and sustainable advantages.

Our Strategy: Less Taken, More Given

Henkel Lifestyle Business is committed to leadership in sustainability – to provide industry-leading, sustainable solutions for every customer we serve and for every technology we offer, and to ensure the positive impact on the areas of “climate, circularity and safety”. The extension of this strategy is more vividly manifested in sports & fashion: Less Taken, More Given. It means that we will continually reduce the consumption of natural resources while creating more value for the society and the next generation. It also means that we will continually optimize production processes and, at the same time, ensure the excellent performance and sustainability of our products. It further means that the value created by Henkel is not limited to adhesive technology, but also includes digitalized services, a globalized industrial layout, and a supportive network that encompasses the value chain of the entire industry. Henkel upholds a strategic development layout and pays special attention to the life cycle assessment of products, actively forging professional and innovative technologies and contributing to the ecology of sustainable fashion.

Free Your Style with Non-Sewing Sustainable Solutions

Compared with the traditional sewing and adhesive tape process in the intimate manufacturing, the non-sewing technology has multiple advantages: higher efficiency in production by precise dispensing, excellent flexibility for improved wearing comfort as well as better durability in washing.

Highly efficient bonding for premium quality | represented by LOCTITE NSP 7690 and TECHNOMELT PUR 7689, the non-sewing adhesive solutions feature excellent initial bonding strength with a reduction of open time to 30 seconds, thus raising production efficiency. Their outstanding anti-yellowing property means that they can be used on light-coloured substrates with an assurance of product aesthetics. Furthermore, the operating time of TECHNOMELT PUR 7689 is up to 2 hours, which can satisfy different processing needs. In terms of the degree of comfort and durability, they can withstand washing with 90°C hot water and repeated washing with detergents. Their excellent resilience ensures that garments can retain their shapes over a long time of usage, and odourless is assured.

Excellent resilience for precise body shaping | Henkel PURLEX, LOCTITE NSP 7788, as a benchmarking product that focuses on high resilience, can still maintain its soft touch after curing, thus improving the resilience and degree of comfort of garments. The excellent initial strength means that it can ensure strong bonding even for the more resilient parts, thus eliminating detachment of layers and ensuring comfortable wearing while effectively shaping and toning the body. It is less demanding in terms of adhesive dispensing temperature, thus improving production quality and efficiency effectively.

Renewable materials for lower carbon footprint | Henkel’s LOCTITE NSP 7810, an innovative and eco-friendly solution, uses renewable carbon resources, and its bio-based content is up to 35%. The use of renewable materials reduces the carbon footprint in the production process, thus ensuring eco-friendliness. With an excellent initial strength which ensures effective positioning and production, it can withstand washing with 90°C hot water and repeated washing with detergents, as well as being anti-yellowing. This allows garments to retain a soft touch which provides better wearing experiences.

In addition, the Henkel Global Sustainability Certified Portfolio has been awarded Bluesign and Oeko-Tex certifications and has become the choice for sustainable production trusted by many fashion manufacturers and brands. In particular, Bluesign certification means that both Henkel’s manufacturing process and adhesive products follow its requirements for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) standards. The Eco-passport certification sufficiently demonstrates that Henkel’s end products meet the statutory requirements and are not harmful to human health. 

Strong Global Partnerships with Leading Industry Companies

Henkel established strong partnerships in the textile manufacturing industry, including those from innovative design, production and manufacturing, and final consumption. 

During SIUF, Henkel was invited by Regina Miracle, who has formed a joint venture with Victoria's Secret in China, to introduce its leading sustainable non-sewing adhesive solutions and how the technology has enabled modern manufacturing in the intimate industry.

In the fast-changing sports fashion industry, Henkel maintains close cooperation with fashion brands and designers to explore the space for expression for sustainable fashion through the collision of innovative aesthetics with material technologies. This year, Henkel invited Weijia Xiao, a designer from Aimer, to custom design fashions featuring “Comfort and Simplicity, Embracing Nature, and Future Orientation”, each with a distinctive style, which was exhibited in Henkel’s booth. Henkel’s non-sewing adhesive solutions had been integrated into the whole set of designs as a pioneering exploration of sustainable fashion. This further communicated the advocacy of sustainable fashion, which is a commitment shared by both parties.

As a pioneering specialist in adhesives, Henkel firmly believes that sustainable development is key to increasing competitive advantages and driving business development. To better support customers in achieving their goal of sustainable development, Henkel persists in pursuing technological innovation, using renewable materials efficiently, as well as assessing and managing the entire product life cycle. At the same time, Henkel also bonds industry partners together so that all can face the continual challenges together with a coordinated effect, and eventually create a bond with the sustainable fashion.

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