Henkel Showcased Leading Sustainable Furniture Solutions for a Greener Home at Interzum 2022

A Greener Home With Henkel Sustainable Solutions

GUANGZHOU, China – Henkel showcased industry-leading sustainable furniture solutions at Interzum Guangzhou 2022. As Asia's premier industry event for furniture production, Interzum covers the entire industry vertical and brings together players from the furniture and building component industry to build and strengthen relationships with customers, vendors and business partners. This year, Henkel displayed high-efficient and sustainable adhesive solutions for furniture and building components under the theme “A greener home with Henkel sustainable solutions”, while cooperating with industry partners to create sustainable home spaces.

Leading Solutions for Sustainable Furniture Production

Henkel proactively responds to global consumer trends by advancing sustainable adhesive solutions for furniture and building components. Consumers nowadays prefer environmentally-friendly home-furnishing products and value those with higher standards across their product lifecycle – ranging from material R&D, manufacturing, and product transportation to recycling. By optimizing green practices in its materials, technologies and processes, Henkel transforms the production of home-furnishing products into a more sustainable way.

Henkel PUR hotmelt adhesive solution TECHNOMELT PUR 4506 for flat lamination, dubbed the "all-round" solution, offers excellent film transparency and is applicable throughout the year. It is also recognized on this year's Interzum 20 PLUS 20 Annual List Award. As for profile wrapping, the newly upgraded TECHNOMELT PUR 4916 not only offers ideal substrate applicability and initial bonding strength, but also excels in adhesive consumption saving, lower application temperature, and energy saving.

Henkel Green Home Series The series include innovative environmentally-friendly PUR hotmelt adhesives, 2K PU adhesives, and TECHNOMELT PUR MicroEmission products, contributing to carbon reduction and safe production.

Henkel 3D thermoforming solution | AQUENCE FD 3142 offers the advantage of activating at 50° C and can be better adapted to vacuum pressure machines with low temperature rise, especially for thin PVC film. Its excellent high-gloss surface effect creates furniture with a luxurious appearance without bubbling. In addition, this solution does not contain formaldehyde or VOCs.

Henkel total solution for upholstered furniture Henkel's newly upgraded total solution for upholstered furniture includes two hotmelt adhesives – TECHNOMELT AS 4998 and TECHNOMELT AS 3108. They are highly respected due to their strong bonding, and less material consumption. Furthermore, the adhesive can be recycled with non-woven fabrics used in spring pocket, highly contributing to the circular economy. Meanwhile, the solutions can be applied under lower application temperature, and do not contain solvents or formaldehyde, providing consumers with healthier sleeping environment. 

Enabling People’s Greener Lifestyle With High-impact Sustainable Solutions

As an industry leader with a pioneering spirit, Henkel has always maintained a forward-looking attitude and engaged in strategic cooperation with industry partners. At this Interzum, Henkel initiated the first Sustainability panel discussion of the Furniture manufacturing industry, inviting our global partners across the industry value chain, including equipment manufacturers, material technology providers, and design giants to share insights regarding how sustainable innovations enable people's greener lifestyle.

Leading the new wave of intelligent manufacturing with smart equipment | Industry 4.0 is one of the keys to sustainable furniture manufacturing and production. Henkel invited HOMAG Group, renowned for its high-speed edge banding machines, and Roba Tech, who offers a complete equipment solution for mattress production, to join this panel discussion. With the high-speed and greener adhesive solutions from Henkel together with the smart equipment, Furniture production can be more sustainable and data-driven than ever.

Defining new home aesthetics with cutting-edge technology |  Popular styles are constantly evolving, and consumer requirements for home aesthetics are growing more diverse, giving birth to unique new styles of furniture surfaces. During the Sustainability panel discussion, Henkel invited Continental and Schattdecor to explore approaches to create greener homes regarding sustainable materials and design aesthetics. Together, we bring a greener lifestyle to people.

Sustainable development is not only a reflection of a commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility, but a cornerstone for new business opportunities and long-term success. With a focus on safety, climate and circularity, Henkel will continue to identify opportunities for sustainability, continuously improve our product technology, and utilize renewable resources. As a company that looks to cultivate sustainable lifestyles, Henkel is committed to providing industry-leading sustainable solutions for every customer segment we serve and for every technology we offer. 

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