Henkel Showcases Innovative Furniture and Building Components Solutions for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Henkel attended Interzum Guangzhou 2023 under the theme “Sustainable Living with Henkel”

Guangzhou, China – From March 28 to 31, Henkel Adhesive Technologies attended Interzum Guangzhou 2023 under the theme “Sustainable Living with Henkel” with its innovative sustainable solutions for furniture production, while cooperating with industry partners to pave the way for efficient production.

Henkel’s furniture and building components solutions are high-impact and sustainable

Innovative Solutions to Empower Efficient Production

Adhesives are essential in furniture production. Henkel developed a complete portfolio of high-performance adhesives that enable sustainable production with environmentally-friendly materials and energy-saving technologies for wood panel, mattress, and aluminum furniture applications.

Henkel PUR Hotmelt Adhesive Solution

TECHNOMELT PUR 4500 for flat lamination offers high mileage and excellent heat aging performance with controlled gluing amount. Designed for colored PET, this solution provides good appearance and good bubble control. 

TECHNOMELT PUR 6320 COOL for profile wrapping offers excellent mileage, better substrate coverage and higher initial strength. It is cost-effective, with 20% savings on coating weight, and can ensure clean production. It has low VOC and low odor, ensuring safety and sustainability.

TECHNOMELT PUR 270/8D for edgebanding can maintain high initial tack even in low temperatures of 0~15°C, enabling customers to address bonding challenges in winter. The TECHNOMELT PUR 4552 and TECHNOMELT PUR 4520 for paper honeycomb offer numerous advantages including longer open time, high initial strength, fast curing, high heat aging performance, and stable bonding performance.

Henkel’s Total Solution for Mattress

Henkel's newly upgraded total solution for mattresses includes two hotmelt adhesives for foam bonding – TECHNOMELT AS 4998 and TECHNOMELT PUR Series, as well as TECHNOMELT AS 3105 and TECHNOMELT AS 3888 COIL for pocket coils. These solutions offer advantages such as strong bonding strength that ensures reliable quality; reduced adhesive consumption by up to 30%; and recycling with non-woven fabrics to support the circular economy. Meanwhile, they offer a lower application temperature, which can reduce energy consumption in production. They do not contain any solvents and have low odor – ultimately providing consumers with quality sleep. 

Henkel's mattress solutions were recognized as Outstanding Furniture Accessories

TECHNOMELT AS 4998 and TECHNOMELT AS 3105 were also recognized as Outstanding Furniture Accessories at this year’s Interzum.

Henkel Aluminum Furniture and Building Components Solution

Henkel unveiled several new products for aluminum furniture and building components. LOCTITE UK 8389A/B B30 is suitable for corner joint bonding of aluminum window frames and aluminum structures, offering high lap shear strength, strong thermal shock aging adaptability, excellent thixotropy, long pot life, fast curing and higher safety and sustainability. LOCTITE UK 8113 is tailored for aluminum honeycomb panel assembly with its USDA certified 53% bio-based material. TECHNOMELT PUR 2727, designed for the edging banding of aluminum furniture, offers excellent initialstrength, extra-thin glue lines, and good appearance.

Henkel cooperated with Yingmao to empower sustainable intelligent manufacturing of mattresses

Deepening Cooperation and Enhancing Exchange

At this year’s Interzum, Henkel invited several well-known industry enterprises to exchange views on emerging industry trends and technologies. Henkel also announced a partnership with Yingmao, a leading Chinese equipment supplier of Mattress, to accelerate the R&D of higher efficiency and sustainable mattress solutions. 

Henkel delivered a keynote speech in the forum “Vitality of Sustainable Innovation to Life”

At the forum "Vitality of Sustainable Innovation to Life", Henkel shared insights on future trends and technologies of the sleep economy during a keynote speech.

Digital Interactions to Create Sustainable Living Space

Henkel set up a series of digital interactive devices at the booth. Henkel’s AI technical expert SMART HAN provides customers with one-stop services, covering product selection, after-sale inquires and troubleshooting. The Sustainability interactive screen explains how Henkel's ambition in sustainable development is evident in all aspects of its businesses, while the Green Home digital interaction displays how its products are applied to specific aspects of home life and contribute to sustainable living spaces.

As the sustainability pioneer in the industry, Henkel will continue to proactively respond to emerging trends, and embrace digitalization and smart manufacturing to create more value for customers, accelerating sustainable and intelligent furniture production.

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