LOCTITE Vehicle Repair Solutions for eXtra Rewards

Reliable vehicle repair solutions that get the job done right the first time

LOCTITE, Henkel’s flagship vehicle repair solutions brand, unlocks the limitless potential of man and machine. LOCTITE adhesives, sealants and high performance coatings help make vehicles and the people who maintain and repair them an unstoppable force for progress. Our products are specified by virtually all automotive manufacturers around the world, and they deliver in the harshest environments from off-road racing to setting land speed records. Reliability, safety and endurance have defined the LOCTITE DNA since we invented the threadlocking category. The LOCTITE team is here to help you do the job right the first time, every time.

Where Henkel Can Help

We’re excited to join the eXtra Rewards program and deliver incentives to reward workshops for purchase of select LOCTITE vehicle repair products. Our solutions portfolio is composed of more than 500 specifications of adhesives, gasket makers, threadlockers and sealants, preferred worldwide for more than 65 years. Our goal is your goal: faster repair times, reduced downtime, reliable repairs, and extended vehicle life.

LOCTITE Vehicle Repair Products

Learn more about our entire portfolio of LOCTITE aftermarket products in our interactive catalog

LOCTITE Vehicle Repair products that are a part of eXtra Rewards include:

LOCTITE Automotive Aftermarket Highlights

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