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Manufacturing and design engineers are expected to deliver products with maximum speed, efficiency, flexibility, and quality. They need to be adaptable to meet the challenges of changing requirements, materials, and methods, and they must follow total quality principles to minimize waste, eliminate error and deliver continuous improvement.  Engineers want to achieve manufacturing excellence but often struggle with assembly methods costing them time and money.

LOCTITE® Instant Adhesives – the ‘Go To’ Assembly Method for 50 Years

The first generation of LOCTITE® instant adhesives was introduced in the 1970’s. They were an immediate success because their many assembly process friendly features.

  • One component room temperature cure– no mixing or ovens and energy expense
  • Cure in seconds – accelerate the assembly process, minimize WIP, fixtures and racks.
  • High strength – high performance
  • Multi-materials/material compatible – versatile solution for varied requirements
  • Clear adhesive – assembled parts look great

LOCTITE® Instant Adhesive Technology Advanced as Manufacturing Advanced  

LOCTITE® has continuously invested in improving instant adhesive technology to keep pace with advances in materials and assembly processes. Many of the enhancements were delivered through the chemistry – no run gel viscosity; surface insensitive increased cure speed and consistency; toughened formulations delivered epoxy-like performance; and light cure enabled cure-on-command control.

LOCTITE® also invested in more than chemistry to ensure Instant Adhesives kept pace with the challenges facing Design and Manufacturing Engineers. LOCTITE® introduced global formulations, technical support, and supply chain. An engineer could qualify a LOCTITE® instant adhesive with confidence, knowing there would be support at their manufacturing plant whether it was across the street or around the globe.  

New LOCTITE® 402 Adhesive and Process Equipment

The newest Instant Adhesive LOCTITE® 402, along with new process equipment deliver the increased productivity, improved reliability, and simplified design that engineers and manufacturers are looking for. Instead of a daily struggle with unreliable, slow, and complicated and costly assembly methods, 402 takes aim at those challenges as the ultra-performance instant adhesive.

LOCTITE® 402 has a handling strength that is 2x faster on most materials* and can easily be automated with our new assembly equipment. This will help increase speed and productivity on the line. It has a heat-aging resistance up to 275°F/135°C, improving reliability under high temperature applications. By providing high-bond strength to a wide range of materials including hard-to-bond materials this simplifies design by removing assembly methods that may be needed on specific materials. A unique and patented formula reduces hazardous ingredients for enhanced safety.

As key market trends continue to develop, design diversification and simplification is becoming imperative. Less size, less weight and good ergonomics and aesthetics is now a goal in manufacturing. This leads to better productivity as cycle time is reduced and productivity and reliability is improved. LOCTITE® 402 is able to keep up with these trends around the globe.

LOCTITE® 402 Use-Case

A company manufacturing temperature preservation trays to keep food hot and fresh needed a strong, temperature resistant assembly method. The issue was that the assembly method being used was not resistant to temperatures over 266 degrees Fahrenheit. (130 degrees Celsius) or bonded strongly from rubber to stainless steel. This led to errors, waste, and downtime on the assembly line.

A few drops of LOCTITE® 402 bonded the materials together quickly and was reliable to temperatures surpassing 266 degrees, allowing for successful and quick assembly, preventing errors, and reducing downtime.

What Next?

Now is the time to take advantage of LOCTITE® technology and resources to make your life easier as a design engineer and become a hero in the process for your business.

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*Tested versus select current Instant adhesive solutions

About the Author

Doug Lescarbeau is North America Industrial Market Development Manager for Loctite brand products at Henkel Corporation. Doug works with Design and Manufacturing Engineers in target markets to identify where adhesives and sealants currently add value and challenges where they could add value. Doug has 40 years of industrial adhesive experience in technical, marketing, strategy, and sales roles. He has a B.S. in Chemistry and an MBA.

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