Remote Monitoring System Allows for Virtual Customer Services 

Manufacturing Operations Management System for Virtual Customer Service

Henkel’s BONDERITE® LineguardX offers whip-smart manufacturing technology that provides early warnings of pending danger, stepped-up quality, a reduced scrap rate, less downtime and virtual customer services. 

LineguardX’s remote monitoring system collects and analyzes its clients’ data, making it easier to understand and monitor the clients’ line at any time. It provides quality management tools needed through its innovative software that allows clients to accurately manage their production line.

These are the challenges Henkel’s worldwide team of engineers and product development specialists aspire to -- and meet -- every day.  

Early system warnings lead to higher productivity 

Offering advanced chemical system monitoring, this Statistical Process Control (SPC) software provides early warning of potential issues and can proactively suggest line and plant maintenance optimizations. 

Bringing all data together in one user-friendly interface, LineguardX saves hours of manual work per week that would usually be needed to collect, chart, identify data and specification parameters. This reduces the time needed to collect and analyze data.

Through its data collection and analysis capability, LineguardX can help improve your manufacturing operations management allowing you to better control and monitor your production output.

Our LineguardX connects to your production line system, taking your equipment measurements, manual laboratory test, analytics and all inputs from the coating process. Once connected, it monitors your line by automatically detecting trend violations, out-of-control/off-parameter occurrences, incorrect levels and coating abnormalities. 

When issues are detected, the remote monitoring system sounds warnings and initiates alarm protocols. BONDERITE® LineguardX represents an improvement in your manufacturing operations management capabilities, boosting both productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.  

Not just for pretreatment

BONDERITE® LinequardX is not only used for pretreatment applications. The system applies to any manufacturing lines. It was designed to be able to work with a number of different line setups and manufacturing designs. 

LineguardX is cloud-based and can be used directly on your line or remotely for anytime monitoring on your devices. We give your company flexibility in allowing different members of the manufacturing team to view important information about your line production, no matter when or where.

Todd Coggins

Todd Coggins is a Business Development Manager for Henkel’s Automotive Surface Technologies Division, he  helps customers find the best automotive surface treatment solutions for their needs from a wide portfolio of Henkel’s products including our Flex Zinc Phosphate Process, Thin Film conversion coatings, E-Coat, and M-PP Coatings.