Henkel PUR Hotmelt Solutions Empower A Sustainable Lifestyle

A Greener Home With Henkel Sustainable Solutions

Consumers are seeking more sustainable lifestyles and more environmentally friendly living spaces without compromising on style. This development is rooted in a sense of eco-consciousness increasingly pervading all industries. The demand for “green home life” is fueling a new “green revolution” in the furniture and building components industry.

As leading in the furniture manufacturing industry, Henkel has recently launched innovative high-performance adhesive solutions for both flat lamination and profile wrapping applications. The two new products – TECHNOMELT PUR 4506 for flat lamination and TECHNOMELT PUR 4916 for profile wrapping – are tailored to meet customers’ demands for performance, sustainability, and efficiency, empowering the sustainable lifestyle with green solutions.

All-round Solution With Outstanding Performance: TECHNOMELT PUR 4506

Flat lamination involves adding composite decorative materials to plate parts for improved aesthetics. Applied to furniture, doors, flooring, wall panels, and roofing, it is suitable for smooth or less complex surfaces. As market requirements for quality and efficiency rise and environmental regulations tighten, the flat lamination process also demands higher-performing adhesives.

Dubbed as the “all-round” solution, Henkel’s TECHNOMELT PUR 4506 is highly transparent ensuring both excellent adhesion and furniture’s’ aesthetics. It excels in initial tack which enables higher efficiency and quality by reducing spring back issues for thick films. It features a broad substrate coverage, including PVC, PET, MDF, etc. Moreover, the adhesive has strong seasonal adaptability, so it is the best choice for year-round production. Customers no longer need to switch products frequently. It has great final bonding on low surface energy materials and its lower odor enables safer working environment for workers. TECHNOMELT PUR 4506 has been acknowledged in the 20 PLUS 20 Annual List Award by Interzum Guangzhou 2022 for its excellent performance.

Excellent Green Strength Solution: TECHNOMELT PUR 4916

Profile wrapping involves applying adhesives and wrap decorative materials around different linear profiles with a laminating machine. The most common applications are picture frames, baseboards, doors and window frames, wardrobes, and furniture accessories. For this process, the performance of the adhesives often has very significant influence over production efficiency and final output quality.

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT PUR 4916 excels in green strength which effectively reduces spring back risk even in summertime. The adhesive can be applied to a wide range of substrates including veneer, CPL, PVC film, MDF, and other materials that are considered difficult for such processes. TECHNOMELT PUR 4916 assures clean production with less machine maintenance and reduced downtime. It has lower odor and is more sustainable than other alternatives, helping to improve production environments and increase occupational safety for workers. Coupled with up to 15% of savings in adhesive consumption, it helps customers to reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

As an advocate for sustainability, Henkel has identified three focus topics where we aim to drive impact to support sustainability for our customers and within our own production footprint - CO2/ energy reduction and dematerialization, circular use of resources and advancing the chemical safety of our solutions. At Henkel lifestyle business, we are committed to offering industry leading sustainable solutions for every application we serve. As this will impact the living space and style for people and the generations. Looking ahead, we aim at optimizing our all-round portfolios and further investing in strategic partnership with industrial partners, to empower a more sustainable future for the furniture industry!

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