Flat Lamination in Wood and Technical Know-how

Understanding about Flat lamination

The lamination of panels with a wide range of substrates including wood, wood-derived materials, metals and plastics, is commonly known as “Flat Lamination”. Ideally suited for this application are polyurethane-based (PUR) adhesives.


In comparison to adhesive systems such as PVAc dispersions, liquid 1C or 2C, TECHNOMELT PUR and other hotmelt systems, flat lamination can offer the following benefits: 

  • 100% solid based adhesive
  • Quick setting time
  • High initial tack 
  • Increased line speed with continuous production 
  • High bond strength and resistance against climate & moisture
  • Easy machine setting
An excellent panel laminated by Henkel TECHNOMELT

Flat Lamination Applicators

Flat Lamination heater roller coaters are used to apply TECHNOMELT PUR to the panel. The roller coater is normally equipped with a heated chrome plated “Doctor Roller” and a silicone “Application Roller”. If required, both, the Doctor Roller and the Application Roller can be heated. 

Flat lamination heater roller coater

A pressure roller, located under the Application Roller, is used to drive the panel under the Application Roller. Double sided roller coaters are available to allow both sides of a panel to be coated. The adhesive is normally applied to the roller to the Roller Coater through a bulkmelter via heated hoses; a level control sensor, situated in the roller coater, controls the amount of adhesive in the reservoir. The coating weight of the adhesive to be applied, is maintained by adjusting the distance between the Doctor Roller and the Application Roller. 

General Requirement for Flat Lamination 

  • Store adhesive in a dry and dust free environment
  • Set the correct application temperature for the adhesive
  • Adhesive application weight has to be set correctly - with an even coating across the panel surface
  • Board temperature should have a minimum of 18 °C
  • Humidity in production hall and storage rooms should be above 30 %rh
  • Avoid dust contamination in the area of adhesive application

Let’s Henkel experts help you understand more on our adhesive solutions on flat lamination, contact us soon!


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