3 Reasons To Use Single Side Adhesives-
PUR in footwear manufacturing industry

Introduced in the 1990s in footwear industry, Polyurethane Reactive Hotmelt Adhesive, so called PUR or PURHM, to react with moisture in the air and creates strong crosslinks, which enable them to deliver excellent bonding characteristics and durability. In adhesive technologies, PUR hotmelt is the popular solution for bonding applications relating to packaging and woodworking.

In Henkel, adhesive experts has marked a very smart move in footwear manufacturing industry by an innovative solution named single-side adhesive with PUR, which has been driven by multi factors of sustainability, consumerism, automation or resource scarcity. 

What is PUR adhesive?

Package of PUR hotmelt product

Polyurethane Reactive Hotmelt Adhesive(PUR) is:

  • Adhesive of 100% solid
  • Solid at room temp. and become fluid when heated
  • Applied at a molten state by exclusive applicators
  • Isocyanate groups cross-link with moisture
  • Not becoming fluid when heated again after curing
  • Unique solution in footwear manufacturing industry from Henkel

Advantages of PUR Adhesive

  1. Applied without solvents, which not only comply with environment & health protection but also simplify and compact production line with no drying process
  2. 1-component adhesive, curing with moisture in the air, which helps save energy and improves resistance to heat, oil, solvents, water, etc.
  3. Good bonding strength with a single-side adhesive application, improving adhesive mileage, reducing labor cost thanks to automation applicator and increasing production efficiency
Footwear Adhesives Application Center in Henkel Vietnam, where our partners can simulate PUR applications and new adhesive technologies before applying in factories

Application Value Proposition 


  • Less labor
  • Less chemical
  • Automated application



  • Consumption savings
  • Less process
  • Less materials


  • Zero VOC
  • Reduce chemical
  • Environmental and health

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