Adhesive Application Amount Is Critical to Package Quality

Avoiding quality escapes is one of the keys to packaging success. The cost of out-of-spec product packages range from returns and waste to poor brand reputation. The key question is “How much adhesive is the correct amount?” This one variable can have a huge impact on production success. To attain over 95 percent in-spec packaging, manufacturers need to understand adhesive usage on production lines. This can be deceptively challenging because there are many sources of variation in each packaging production line. 

It takes only small adjustments – nozzle settingtank pressure, temperature, line speed, etc. – during one shift to alter the adhesive settings and cause a long-term deviation in the application amount. Failures are usually discovered after the product leaves the plant which results in complaints, returns poor brand reputation and ultimately lower sales. There is a way to give operations more control over the product quality and in-spec rate, while eliminating pop opens.

Smart Packaging Control: Unlocking Packaging Success!

Do you know how much adhesive is applied to your packaged goods? Traditionally, Henkel would work with production line managers, maintenance teams and line operators to combat the variation through on-site audits. In today’s environment, it is more difficult than ever to schedule in-person visits. Our technical teams cannot be there all the time. Smart Packaging Control acts as a 24/7 companion monitoring the adhesive application on your packaging lines. It is a service to:

  1. Collect and monitor data - installing an easy-to-integrate, non-invasive SMART sensor onto the packaging line assures data is securely gathered and remote analysis is performed.
  2. Analyze and visualize data - using our data analytics platform allows adhesive application monitoring in real-time. The intuitive, dashboard-driven solution enables a range of analytics and business intelligence applications. Ongoing operational reports improve maintenance and assure quality control.
  3. Receive proactive alerts and recommendations - monitoring the adhesive application allows consistent adhesive usage on any production line in any plant. Notifications are sent directly to operations managers along with support from our technical experts to resolve issues that arise.

Smart Packaging Control acts as an in-line companion monitoring the adhesive application to reduce stress for quality control and plant managers. Think of it as if you had a Henkel advisor with you all the time to assure your customers get the package quality they deserve.

In-Spec Package Quality with a 90-Day Free Trial

Select up to three key packaging lines in your plant for a no charge trial of Smart Packaging Control. Henkel's technical team will install the sensors and dashboards on the selected lines. The trial will establish the baseline and quantify improvements over the 90-day period. The data will also allow manufacturers to extrapolate the savings for other production lines and plants.

Benefits of Smart Packaging Control

Smart Packaging Control combines the power of big data with industry-leading adhesive expertise to assure consistent packaging quality. When it comes to adhesive, we have your back. 

24/7 Assured Adhesive Accuracy

With our constant monitoring, we solve small issues before they add up and increase common KPIs like in-spec percent, OTIF and COPQ.

Reducing Production Downtime, Complaints and Returns

By preventing bigger issues we reduce down-time, complaints, waste and materials costs.


Package Quality and Reputation Management

We assure consumers consistently receive high quality packaging. Henkel reduces any concerns about package integrity and meets manufacturers’ packaging specifications globally.

Smart Packaging Control is a Henkel Qhesive Solution

Smart Packaging Control is part of Henkel Qhesive Solutions where megatrends like digitization and IoT devices are leveraged to create solutions that are smarter and support better performance. By combining Henkel's long experience in material science and chemistry with intelligent analytics, these solutions elevate and improve existing products and processes.

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