As More of the World Population Ages, the Need for Smart Adult Care Will Grow

In 2030, for the first time in human history, people older than 60 years will outnumber children aged 0-9 years. As the global population gets older, certain health conditions become more prevalent - more than 10% of those above 60 suffer from incontinence, which is more than 150 million people globally.

As incontinence and its problems will continue to overwhelm patients and caregivers emotionally and physically, personal hygiene products become more critical to quality of life.

With Smart Adult Care we now have a smart solution to manage the incontinence. A solution that improves the lives of patients and caregivers.

How Our Smart Adult Care Solution Enables the Remote Care of Those with Incontinence

Henkel as a leading supplier for adhesives and printed electronics for personal hygiene is partnering withMedTech and software companies, printers and leading fast-moving consumer goods companies and develops smart product solutions improving the quality of care and lives.

With Smart Adult Care, we transform a conventional diaper into a smart, connected medical device. This is a vital step into the future of patient-centered care and smart hygiene services.

Equipped with a lightweight, flexible printed sensor and reusable pod the diaper enables remote monitoring of moisture, movement and temperature. Alerts are displayed through the app located on a chosen smart device with an intuitive dashboard, which provides caregivers with valuable data and actionable advice. The complete solution was developed in line with medical grade safety standards.

Are you a personal hygiene producer looking to learn more about Smart Adult Care? Then connect with us now and learn more about Smart Adult Care.

Smart Adult Care Creates Winning Results for Different Groups

Patients & Relatives

Having faster response times reduces chronic health problems like dermatitis and pressure sores by 50%


As there is no need to routinely check on pads, caregivers save more than 60 minutes per patient per week, ultimately creating more time and energy for other valuable care activities.

Healthcare System

By reducing the number of diaper changes by up to 25%, institutions save costs and materials.


Hygiene Producers

With Smart Adult Care hygiene producers include a new, innovative high-value product category for your product portfolio.


Smart Adult Care Benefits and Proven Results for Patients,
Caregivers and the Healthcare System

Smart Adult Care Is A Henkel Qhesive Solution

Smart Adult Care is part of Henkel Qhesive Solutions where we leverage megatrends like digitalization and IoT devices to create solutions that are not only smarter but also do better. By combining Henkel’s long experience in material science and chemistry with intelligent analytics we elevate and improve existing products and processes.

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