Data Enabled Services

Data enabled technologies are making facilities more efficient and productive

Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, and remote monitoring systems are new developments in data enabled services that are increasing production capabilities and efficiency in facilities across the globe. If properly implemented, these systems can transform manufacturing processes by enabling better control and monitoring abilities. However, in order to do so, facilities require a service partner who has the experience necessary to apply these technological advancements to help bring your manufacturing capabilities to the next level.

Henkel is a leader in developing data enabled services for industrial manufacturing facilities. Our services include remote monitoring and industry 4.0 systems to help enable new monitoring and manufacturing capabilities. We also have launched the Qhesive® brand that have led to product advancements for products such as smart diapers by allowing for new uses of printed electronics. 


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LineguardX Remote Monitoring

The benefits of remote monitoring in improving manufacturing processes continue to grow with IOT technological advances. Henkel is quickly becoming a leader industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing software and is proud to introduce the LinguardX Remote Monitoring that helps our customers improve their manufacturing processes.

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Qhesives® Smart Diapers

Advancements in diaper technology have come a long way in recent years. Printed electronic and adhesive materials have enabled advances in monitoring technology in diapers. As a leader in printed electronics materials, Henkel is ready to continue the advancement of smart diapers technologies through the advanced brought about by its Qhesives® brand.

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