Thermally conductive gels, available in liquid formable and curable formulations, provide low component stress, rework simplicity, process flexibility, in-application stability and efficient thermal conductivity.  These heat dissipation gels are effective across industrial and automotive applications.

Thermal Gels for Industrial Applications: Bergquist Liqui Form TLF thermal interface gels are high thermal conductivity liquid formable materials that can be automatically dispensed, provide low component stresses during assembly and simplify rework processes. The highly-conformable, shear-thinning materials  require no curing, no mixing or refrigeration, streamlining storage, handling and processing. The unique chemistry platform delivers excellent thermal performance, low applied stress and reliable long-term performance. Thixotropic with a natural tack, Bergquist Liqui Form TLF materials conform to the component and remain in place within the application.

Thermal Gels for Automotive Applications: Designed for demanding, high reliability environments, Bergquist Liqui Form TLF CGels provide form-in-place functionality via moisture or thermal cure. Upon cure, the one-part thermal gels provide a soft, thermally conductive material capable of reducing air voids and gaps. Bergquist TLF CGels have been uniquely designed to deliver highly reliable vertical gap stability even in an uncured state. With no mixing required and good dispensing efficiency, Bergquist Liqui Form TLF CGels enable high throughput mass production while providing the assurance of reliability due to their cure-in-place final modulus. These Henkel thermal gels have passed severe hazing and fogging testing, making them exceptionally well-suited for optical systems such as ADAS cameras and lidars. 

Thermal Gel Materials

Henkel thermal gels are unique heat dissipating gels that, once dispensed, hold their shape and are ideal for applications where high gap stability is required, such as telecom infrastructure systems and automotive ADAS components. Supplied as one-part materials, Bergquist brand Liqui-Form thermal gels require no mixing, cure in place with flexible curing protocols, are available in silicone and silicone-free formulations, and are well-suited for high volume production.


  • One-component solution available as precured or cure-in-place system
  • Pre-cured version of thermal gel is fully reworkable 
  • Minimal stress during assembly
  • Excellent conformability to intricate geometries
  • One solution for multiple applications
  • Efficient material usage
  • Customizable flow characteristics   


  • Automation and mass production capable
  • Long-term reliability with in-application stability
  • Effective heat control with good gap filling capability and high thermal conductivity
  • Low component stress during assembly


Thermal gels are available in different packages such a cartridges and pails


  • Applications that require one-part dispensing
  • Any design where vertical gap stability and no pump out are required
  • Devices demanding low assembly pressure
  • Automotive electronics (ADAS, HEV, NEV, batteries, ECU)
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer and peripherals
  • Between heat-generating semiconductors and a heat sink 

Thermal Gel for Radio Remote Units

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