What Are Thermal Gels?

Thermally conductive gels, available in one-component liquid formable and curable formulations, are thermal interface materials designed to provide low component stress, rework simplicity, process flexibility, in-application stability, and efficient thermal conductivity.

Liquid thermal management materials, gels are designed to help you effectively manage heat in electronic applications, improving device performance and overall reliability. Their liquid form means they are highly conformable, so can be utilized across many different types of assembly.  

These heat dissipation gels are effective across industrial and automotive applications, among others.

Why Use Henkel Thermal Gels?

Highly conformable gap-filling means Henkel heat dissipation gel delivers better thermal conductivity during your electronic product assembly than many alternative products.

Henkel thermal management gels are unique in their performance as heat-dissipating materials. Once dispensed, they hold their shape to avoid flowing into areas where they are not needed, so they can fill highly intricate shapes for diverse and varied topographies. They can also be used in a wide range of applications, so you get one solution for many applications.

Thermal gels minimize gaps and voids while maximizing thermal performance. This makes them ideal for applications where high gap stability is required, such as in telecom infrastructure systems and automotive ADAS components. 

As liquid materials, thermal gels minimize stress on assemblies for more intricate and delicate components. 

They’re easy to use too. Supplied as one-part materials, pre-cured or cure-in-place, Bergquist® brand LIQUI FORM thermal gels require no mixing. They also cure in place with flexible curing protocols, are available in silicone and silicone-free formulations, and are well-suited to high volume production. This means there’s a thermal management gel suitable for the majority of applications in the Henkel portfolio.


Compare Thermal Gel Products

Find Bergquist® thermal gels suitable for a wide range of industrial, automotive, and other applications. Explore the range to discover solutions for telecom infrastructure, systems, ADAS components, and more:


Get more information on thermally conductive gels when you download product-specific technical data sheets (TDS), or safety information from the safety data sheet (SDS). For more information, download the restriction of hazardous substances sheet (RoHS) for your chosen product below.

Thermal Gel Material Features

Henkel thermal gels are designed to make your processes and manufacturing easier than ever. We offer a wide range of gels that are suitable for different assemblies, each of which has unique features and qualities. These include: 

  • One-component solution, available as pre-cured or cure-in-place system.
  • Pre-cured versions which are fully reworkable for easier application.
  • Minimal stress during assembly to suit intricate and delicate components.
  • Excellent conformability to intricate geometries and diverse gaps.
  • One solution for multiple applications thanks to conformable quality.
  • Efficient material usage to reduce costs.
  • Customizable flow characteristics to suit any manufacturing process.

Benefits of Thermal Conductive Gels

Thermal gels help provide strong thermal performance in electronic components, working across a range of applications to streamline processes and improve overall thermal management. Their benefits include:

  • Automation and mass production capabilities.
  • Long-term reliability with in-application stability.
  • Effective heat control with good gap-filling capability and high thermal conductivity.
  • Low component stress during assembly to eliminate the risk of damage to components.

Thermal Gel Material Options

Thermal gels are available in different packages, such as cartridges and pails, to suit your every need.

Explore Thermal Gel Applications

Thermal conductive gels are ideally suited for applications that require one-part dispensing, where vertical gap stability and no pump-out are required. They can be used across a range of devices that demand low assembly pressure and sit between heat-generating semiconductors and heat sinks.


Thermal Gels for Industrial Applications

Bergquist® LIQUI FORM TLF thermal interface gels are high thermal conductivity liquid formable materials that can be automatically dispensed, provide low component stresses during assembly and simplify rework processes. 

These highly conformable, shear-thinning materials require no curing, no mixing or refrigeration, streamlining storage, handling, and processing. The unique chemistry platform delivers excellent thermal performance, low applied stress, and reliable long-term performance. 

Thixotropic with a natural tack, Bergquist® LIQUI FORM TLF materials conform to the component and remain in place within the application.


Thermal Gels for Automotive Applications

Designed for demanding, high-reliability environments, Bergquist® LIQUI FORM TLF CGels provide form-in-place functionality via moisture or thermal cure. Upon cure, the one-part thermal gels provide a soft, thermally conductive material capable of reducing air voids and gaps. 

Bergquist® TLF CGels have been uniquely designed to deliver highly reliable vertical gap stability even in an uncured state. With no mixing required and good dispensing efficiency, Bergquist® LIQUI FORM TLF CGels enable high throughput mass production while assuring reliability due to their cure-in-place final modulus. 

These Henkel thermal gels have passed severe hazing and fogging testing, making them exceptionally well-suited for optical systems such as ADAS cameras and lidars. 

Thermal Gels for Telecom Infrastructure

Find out more about how thermal gels are helping to ensure reliability and longevity in crucial telecoms applications.  

Resources for Thermal Gel Materials

Find the right thermal gel product for any application with our thermal interface materials selection guide. Or browse the full range of thermal management materials for more information in the Bergquist® brochure.

Thermal Gel FAQs

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