THERMAL CLAD Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS®)

Thermal management for higher watt density surface mount applications

BERGQUIST® THERMAL CLAD Insulated Metal Substrates (TCLAD®) were developed by Henkel as a thermal management solution for today's higher watt density surface mount applications. Ideal for assemblies with reduced die size components where heat challenges are a major concern, TCLAD substrates minimize thermal impedance and conduct heat more effectively and efficiently than standard printed circuit boards (PCBs). TCLAD substrates keep assemblies cool by eliminating thermal interfaces  and using thermally-efficient solder joints. Heat transfer is improved because TCLAD facilitates direct component to substrate attachment with no requirement for mica, grease or rubber insulators. 

In addition to its thermal performance advantages, TCLAD delivers space-saving efficiency by eliminating the need for heat sinks, device clips, cooling fans and other hardware, allowing more surface area for higher-density component placement. 

The Anatomy of a TCLAD Insulated Metal Substrate

Circuit Layer: A standard printed circuit foil has a thickness of 1 oz to 10 oz (35-350 µm).

Dielectric Layer: Offering electrical isolation with minimum thermal resistance, multi-layer dielectric bonds the base metal and circuit metal together. The dielectric has UL recognition, simplifying agency acceptance of final assemblies.

Base Layer: Often aluminum, though other metals such as copper may be used. While many thicknesses are available, the most widely used base material thickness is 0.062" (1.6 mm).*

*The base layer of metal may not be required depending on the application.

TCLAD Applications

Benefits of TCLAD

Resources for TCLAD IMS®

Brochure: LED Thermal Solutions

Thermal Clad Selection Guide

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