With zero deliberately added halogens and integrating the purest raw materials available, Henkel’s halogen-free formulations are, indeed, halogen-free. We take our obligation to advanced materials development so seriously that Henkel has pledged to ensure all future solder paste formulations are either halogen-free, temperature stable or both.

Henkel's Solder Game Changers

For the developers of the LOCTITE® GC solder platform, changing the game meant ignoring the naysayers, bucking current common practices and engineering an inspired innovation in solder technology. In short, LOCTITE® GC was designed to deliver what the industry wanted without being influenced by the conventional limits of traditional solder materials. Like other award-winning Henkel solder materials, LOCTITE® GC is also lead-free and truly halogen-free with zero added halogens. But, its stable flux chemistry is distinctive and warranted unique identification.

Learn more about Henkel's Solder game-changing portfolio here.

Die Attach Solder Pastes

Henkel’s LOCTITE® die attach solder pastes offer high-performance options for application-specific thermal requirements and overcome many of the issues historically associated with alternative products such as silver (Ag)-based die attach adhesives and solder wire. The robust nature of the flux formulas designed into our die attach solder pastes provide manufacturers with the flexibility to alter alloys based on process requirements.

Resources for Solder Pastes

Brochure: The Game Changers

Sell Sheet: LOCTITE® GC 10

Sell Sheet: LOCTITE® GC 3W

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