The need to address soldering challenges, whether it be solder joint defects, solder joint reliability, solder voids, electrochemical reliability, process capability, sustainability, or other types of solder requirements is growing with increasingly more complex designs.

Henkel is a market leader in solder materials innovation, with a complete portfolio of LOCTITE® brand solder solutions that lowers overall cost and increases reliability. Our solder product range includes room temperature stable solder pastes as well as 90ISC high reliability solder paste which adds value to electronics assemblies. Our product range also includes solder wires, liquid fluxes, and solder rework materials.

Material development is at the core of every Henkel LOCTITE® solder material and has been for decades. Our multi-award-winning solder portfolio has earned the praise of industry experts and the trust of our customers. With a broad selection of solder pastes, cored and solid wires, liquid fluxes, and multiple alloys, Henkel offers a complete solution for current and future solder materials requirements.

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The LOCTITE® Solder Portfolio

With market-leading room temperature stable solder pastes, 90iSC high reliability solder paste, tin-lead formulations for traditional and crossover manufacturing, flux solutions for dual wave and lead-free processes, as well as cored solder wire and solid solder wire, LOCTITE® Multicore brand solders provide a comprehensive solution for modern SMT manufacturing operations.

Solder Pastes

Henkel’s commitment to best-in-class joint printability, reflow, and reliability is unyielding. This, in combination with our focus on enabling a sustainable future, has led to some of the industry’s most advanced formulations.

To learn more about Henkel's Solder Pastes, click here.

Liquid Fluxes

No-clean, low-residue, VOC-free, halide-free, and halogen-free flux formulas provide manufacturers with several options for specific manufacturing requirements, delivering high-performance, defect-free soldering, and excellent throughput.

To learn more about Henkel's Liquid Flux materials, click here.

Solder Accessories

From desoldering wicks to solder masks to residue-removing cleaners, Henkel’s rework solutions help preserve valuable components for re-use.

To learn more about Henkel's Solder Accessories, click here.

Solder Wires

Available in both solid and multiple flux cored versions, Henkel’s award-winning LOCTITE® solder wire products have been enabling rework and hand soldering operations for decades, and are a preferred choice for modern selective and robotic soldering. The LOCTITE® Multicore line of cored wires were the first core wires on the market, positioning this brand as a leader in this technology.

To learn more about Henkel's Solder Wire Portfolio, click here.


The breadth of Henkel’s line of solder alloys is unmatched, providing customers with expansive options to address various process and product reliability conditions. From traditional SnPb to Pb-free and high-reliability Pb-free, our alloy portfolio delivers solutions for numerous applications. This includes Henkel’s breakthrough 90iSC alloy which was developed in collaboration with the automotive industry specifically for applications and markets where extreme temperature resistance and reliability are non-negotiable and lead-free compliance is required.

Solder Applications and Industries

Henkel’s extensive solder portfolio has proven performance for multiple applications within the following markets:

Further Resources

To find out more about our solder materials, download the following PDFs.

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