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Henkel repair kits offer maintenance professionals portable kits for everyday repairs in factories, warehouses, and other facilities. Featuring a range of different LOCTITE® products designed to provide ultimate versatility and flexibility in your repair capabilities. Each repair kit combines some of our most popular formulations and technologies to ensure you always have the right compound to hand.

The capabilities of repair kits can be broad and versatile or more targeted, with LOCTITE® toolboxes designed for use with specific materials or containing specific formulas such as epoxies designed for your application. Each kit is assembled to address the most common mechanical failures in machines, components, and other equipment, with each product presented in an organized and easy-to-access toolbox.

Our toolkits contain some of the following products depending on what kit you choose:

  • Retaining compounds
  • Thread sealants
  • Thread lockers
  • RTV silicone
  • General epoxies
  • General metal repair compounds
  • Other types of all-purpose adhesives and sealants

In any facility, the repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment is a crucial element of efficient operation. Ensuring operatives have access to the materials they need in the event of failure or breakdown encourages proactive solutions to a broad range of problems that could bring your factory or warehouse to a standstill. Henkel repair kits provide intuitive and easy to access solutions to technical and mechanical problems, quickly and efficiently delivering the durable repair of many materials.

Learn about the range of repair kits and compounds we offer and ask industry specific questions about this type of adhesive by contacting a member of our team.

Repair Kit Types

Depending on your industry or environmental conditions, you may want to purchase multiple repair kits to meet your specific requirements. The advantages of our LOCTITE® toolboxes make this possible, with portability and intuitive organization of a range of adhesives and sealants giving you ultimate flexibility and the best chance of ensuring you have the right compound to hand.

General Tool Kits

Our product offerings also include general use toolbox options that come with either eight or eighteen different LOCTITE® products which can be used for many common repairs. These toolboxes are constantly updated to include new LOCTITE® product technologies specifically for industrial maintenance and repair operations.


General Epoxy Repair Kits

Epoxy repair kits offer flexibility and versatility for use across a broad range of substrates and structures. Once cured, epoxy is among the hardest and most durable materials around, ensuring any repairs you need to make are both fast and long lasting.

Metal Repair Kits

Metal repair kits deliver outstanding performance when applied to metals and alloys, allowing operatives to repair machines and other equipment quickly and efficiently. The range of LOCTITE® products included in our metal repair kits also ensure multi-material components, tools, and other equipment.

Stripped Thread Repair Kits

Stripped thread repair kits are extremely useful in almost any industry and can mean the difference between functioning machines or equipment or lengthy and expensive repairs. Stripped thread repair materials and kits from LOCTITE® are easy to apply and cure quickly to ensure you can once again securely fasten all types of fixing.

Our stripped thread repair kits allow maintenance teams to efficiently and permanently repair stripped threads and fasteners in as little as five minutes (up to SAE Grade 5 English and 8.8 metric). These kits also allow for up to 1,538 in.-lb torque (one 1 in. bolt) and 300°F (149°C) and are also resistant to most shop fluids.

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