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The LOCTITE® composite pipe repair system is a fast and economical alternative to pipe replacement. The innovative repair system reinforces and seals pipes designed for high pressure and temperature applications and is also chemical resistant. It is fully certified by DNV GL according to ISO/TS 24817, TUV Rheinland and Lloyd’s Register according to ISO/TS 24817 and Lloyd’s Register according to ASME PCC-2.

Commonly used within heavy industries such as power production, oil and gas refining, and mining, LOCTITE® pipe repair kits and products are a fast, reliable, and practical way to reform seals and stop leaks.


Application Areas:

  • Repair system for steel pipes, pipelines, and tanks
  • For inside and outside corrosion
  • Equipment subject to chemical attack or mechanical wear
  • Complex geometries: bends, tees, reducers, and flanges

LOCTITE® Pipe Repair Benefits

LOCTITE® pipe repair products are commonly used across a range of industrial maintenance and processing applications, with power plants, oil refineries, and the mining industry relying on these high-quality products to provide protection and repair of all types of pipework. In these highly challenging environments, corrosion protection and chemical resistance are two of the most important properties required. However, flexibility of application for joints and seals in difficult to reach areas is also highly important.

Offering a range of solutions, including reinforced fiber tapes and protective epoxy resin pastes, Henkel’s high-quality pipe repair kits deliver excellent results every time. Additionally, smart pipe repair technologies are allowing plants and facilities to extend the lifetime of existing systems and cut down on replacement costs over the long term.



  • Fast, flexible, and economical repair solution
  • Increase pipe lifetime by up to 20 years
  • No need to replace pipes
  • On-site repair without interruption of operations
  • Tailor-made repair solutions including specific calculations of repair designs
  • Certified applicator and installer training program


Learn about the pipe repair products we offer and ask industry specific questions about these composite systems by contacting a member of our team.

LOCTITE® Composite Pipe Repair Systems

Ideal for use in a broad range of environments, our pipe repair products form part of a composite repair system that can be applied wherever metal pipes, tanks, or other water storage and delivery systems require maintenance or emergency rebuilding. When used together as a complete pipe repair kit, our fiber tapes and epoxy resin pastes offer corrosion protection and chemical resistance for high pressure systems.

These properties are crucial in both heavy mining and gas extraction industries, as well as in more conventional repairs in building infrastructure and plumbing. Whatever your application, Henkel has the perfect product to ensure your systems are both air- and watertight at all times.

For galvanized pipe corrosion repair and other general repairs, Henkel products deliver multiple advantages. Featuring both an activator component and an additive, users gain full control over epoxy and tape application, meaning the tightest and most reliable seals can be created with ease—even in difficult to reach areas or in challenging environmental conditions. This intuitive and easy-to-use system can be used in any environment where pipework and tanks exist. However, it is most valued in heavy industries where efficient and secure systems are essential to health and safety and the environment.

Composite pipeline repair systems are ideally used in areas where patching and wrapping old pipes, seals, joints, and tanks is required. Cast iron pipe patching compounds, alongside other compounds for specific metals, are used on damaged and corroded parts where high strength, corrosion protection, or chemical resistance is required. Henkel’s composite pipe repair solutions deliver superior quality and durability, with easy application and fast curing times as standard.

Composite pipe wrap provides a flexible way to fully cover seals, seams, or splits in pipes and other areas, and in conjunction with epoxy resins, Henkel’s glass-carbon fiber, multi-axial, multi-ply fabric tape conforms to ISO 24817 composite repairs for pipework.

Smart Pipe Repair

As with all of our products, Henkel is constantly working to improve strength, durability, ease-of-application, and automation of repair systems and other solutions. Smart pipe repair systems are at the forefront of our technological innovations, and we are developing new products that can be used either as emergency repair aids or to rebuild and renovate entire systems of pipework and tanks in the most challenging industries.

Repairing, rather than replacing, damaged components can extend the lifetime of systems by up to 20 years, delivering huge cost savings to plants and other facilities. Smart pipe repair takes this concept even further, and as we continue to develop new technologies, we are happy to work in conjunction with you to make systems more efficient and durable over the long term.

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