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With Henkel’s LOCTITE® O-Ring maker kit, a spar O-Ring is there when you need it most. Splits or breaks of an O-Ring can mean unnecessary downtime or delays. The LOCTITE® O-Ring repair kit allows you to quickly make custom O-rings for on-the-road emergencies. The repair kit provides everything you need for creating rubber O-Rings when the need arises.     

In making custom O-Rings, the repair kit includes O-Ring cord stock that can easily be applied over the seal. A simple cut is all you need to adjust length as needed and LOCTITE® 404 quick drying adhesive secures the two ends. Designed to fit over any area that needs to be sealed, the portable O-Ring maker kit gives you everything you need in a small carry case.

LOCTITE® O-Ring Repair Kit

The LOCTITE® O-Ring Repair kit includes O-Ring cord stock, a cord cutter, impregnation fluid, a bottle of LOCTITE® 404 quick curing adhesive, and a bottle of LOCTITE® Clean Up Solvent. These materials come in an easy to carry case with step-by-step instructions printed on the carry case itself.

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