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Metal repair epoxy products must be durable in order to offer effective repair and rebuilding of a variety of critical parts. Additionally, ease of use and fast curing times deliver emergency metal repairs in even the most demanding environments, with, machinability, high strength, and high chemical resistance are among the most important properties of these compounds.

Henkel’s epoxy putty for metals such as steel and aluminum and other metal repair products ensure minimal downtime and reliable rebuilding of machinery, equipment, and other metallic parts including shafts and fixtures while also providing superior protection against pitting, erosion, corrosion, and chemical attack. Our range of metal repair products deliver the precision, ease-of-application, and durability you need.

Our catalogue of metal rebuilding materials includes features such as:

  • High compressive strength
  • Choice of mild steel, aluminum, or nonmetallic fillers
  • Can be machined, drilled, or tapped after cure
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • High compressive strength

Ideally suited to both structural and non-structural applications, our metal repair products are typically used in castings, jigs, and fixtures while sealing vessels, tanks, pipes, and valves as well as resurfacing worn air seals and filling cavities. Henkel ensures all of our products meet your specifications, with compounds designed for use within a broad range of environments and specific applications.

Learn about the metal repair and rebuilding materials we offer and ask industry specific questions about this type of compound by contacting a member of our team.

Metal Rebuilding Material Products

High strength and high chemical resistance are two of the most crucial properties of professional metal repair epoxy products. In essence, metals and alloys are used within the most demanding applications and environments, and any repairs or rebuilds must be able to withstand extreme conditions including heat/cold from both environmental and operational sources, provide high levels of water and moisture resistance, and also offer air and watertight seals. This includes 2-part epoxy repair materials for metal substrates that are damaged or worn.

Excellent adhesion to all types of metals and alloys as well as easy application in hard-to-reach areas are also highly important when making emergency repairs to all types of equipment and machinery. Henkel offers a range of compounds, including epoxy putty for metal in a stick form, to ensure flexible application and superior adhesion.

Kneadable Epoxy Stick

Used within non-structural repairs and rebuilds, Henkel’s 2-part metal epoxy stick can be used on most metallic surfaces including aluminum and steel. Ideal for emergency repair, this epoxy putty for metal can be used to stop leaks in pipes and tanks while also repairing non-structural defects in castings or holes in tanks. Additionally, it is well suited to fill oversized bolt holes, smooth welds, and generally repair metals and alloys withing operating temperatures of between -55 °C to +120 °C.

Epoxy-based metal repair is quick and simple with Henkel products. These reliable and durable epoxy steel putties and epoxy putty for aluminum substrates ensure you have a versatile repair compound on hand whenever repairs are required. It ensures minimal downtime and the safe operation of machinery and other equipment.

Underwater Metal Repair

Underwater repair epoxy is the ideal product for underwater repairs or areas that cannot be kept dry. Specifically, LOCTITE® Fixmaster underwater repair epoxy delivers non-sagging metal repair in a 2-part formula, with superb adhesion to a broad range of metallic surfaces. LOCTITE® underwater repair epoxy will perform well within operating temperatures of between 30 to +105°C and will not shrink after application.

LOCTITE® underwater repair epoxy:

  • Cures underwater
  • Adheres to most damp surfaces
  • Suits repairing, filling and sealing tasks
  • Can be drilled, tapped, sanded, machined, and painted
  • High strength
  • Unaffected by chlorinated or salt water

ABS and NSF Approved Metal Repair

Henkel offers ABS and NSF approved epoxies that are suitable for use in marine and potable water applications. These ABS and NSF approved epoxies are applicable across a huge range of industries and in environments where both emergency or long-term repairs are required. ABS and NSF approved epoxies deliver the properties you need without compromising on safety or reliability.

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