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Covering a wide range of applications, petroleum-based greases are a staple of multiple industries, ensuring machinery and other moving parts can function optimally while also reducing wear. Henkel has formulated a range of lithium and food grade-petroleum greases for the maintenance, lubrication, rust prevention, and protection of metallic parts and components. Petroleum-based greases in our range include  the following properties:

  • For use on a range of metals including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium, and other metals and alloys
  • For use on materials such as plastics and ceramics
  • Wide range of effective temperature tolerance
  • Voltage leakage prevention
  • Displaces and seals out moisture

With such a wide range of use-cases, petroleum-based greases must meet the specific requirements of manufacturers. Rising to the various challenges presented within your factory, warehouse, or plant, Henkel delivers premium petroleum-based greases for any use case. As a leading lithium and food grade grease supplier, Henkel offers different product formulations that help increase efficiency and keep processing running smoothly.

Learn about the petroleum-based grease products we offer and ask industry specific questions about this type of adhesive by contacting a member of our team.

Our Petroleum-Based Grease Product Line

The types of petroleum-based grease required for your application will depend largely on the machining processes you use in your plant. Various formulations are available to meet both operation and compliance standards and can be applied in paste or aerosol form.

Lithium Petroleum-Based Grease

As a multipurpose lubricant, lithium petroleum-based grease is extremely stable and offers a wide range of temperature resistance and has a long-lasting use life. This makes lithium grease ideal for high temperature applications across industrial applications

Henkel lithium greases are also ideal for bearings and other since they provide excellent water resistance and low densities helping to resist corrosion. Many applications, including uses in battery assembly, make this type of grease extremely important in electronic components. Lithium grease lubricants from Henkel can be spray applied in aerosol form or dispensed out of a tube.  

Food Grade Grease

Food grade machinery grease is crucial for maintaining high standards and remaining compliant during food processing and packaging operations. A range of certifications are required to ensure food grade greases are acceptable for use within manufacturing facilities.

Henkel’s grease for food machinery includes silicone-based greases for industrial food production that are applicable across different substrates such as plastics and metals. Henkel’s greases for food machinery help improve efficiency while making sure equipment is running smoothly by making sure valves, gears, joints, and other components are lubricated properly.

For more information on specific types of petroleum-based greases, contact a Henkel representative who will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Industrial Maintenance Applications

All industrial process machinery requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal function. Petroleum-based greases are among the most important part of maintenance operations, allowing moving parts and machinery to operate with reduced friction and thus reduce wear and subsequent down time. Choosing the right petroleum-based grease for your application is simple with Henkel’s range of formulations.

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