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Surface preparation is essential to ensure the proper performance of adhesives and sealants. For this reason, industrial repair and maintenance operations require high-quality and reliable industrial strength degreasing and cleaning products that are suitable for a wide range of environments, OEM and maintenance applications.

Whether it is a large or small surface, specific parts, or even your hands, Henkel’s LOCTITE® product portfolio offers a wide-range of industrial degreasers and cleaners including solvent based, water-based (aqueous), biodegradable, and ODC-Free cleaners. The product range also includes parts degreasers and   industrial hand cleaners and wipes. With a wide variety of products that can be applied to different substrates or for different needs, Henkel has the degreasing and cleaning solutions that you need to ensure the optimal performance of your repair or adhesive application. The LOCTITE® product line covers needs across industries, facilities, and shops.

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The LOCTITE® Degreaser and Cleaner Product Portfolio

There are a wide range of LOCTITE® industrial degreasers and cleaners available for surface cleaning applications. As a trusted supplier of industrial strength degreasers and cleaners, Henkel has designed a product portfolio that is used by industrial facilities around the world to ensure long-lasting repairs. Read more below about our industrial degreaser and cleaner products.

Benefits of LOCTITE® Degreasers and Cleaners for Surface Preparation:

  • Effectively cleans and degreases various work surfaces, parts, and hands
  • Available in easy-to-use and fast-drying formulas
  • Ensures optimum performance of adhesives, sealants, and other industrial repair materials
  • Biodegradable and ODC-free options available

Parts Degreasers and Cleaners

Parts degreasers and cleaners are specifically designed for parts that require heavy degreasing. For many industrial facilities, industrial heavy duty degreasers are a requirement in order to  extend their service-life. The LOCTITE® parts cleaners product line includes ODC-free, biodegradable, as well as pro-strength parts cleaners and degreasers for heavy duty applications.     

General Purpose Cleaners

General purpose cleaners are a staple of many industrial maintenance and repair operations due to their effectiveness across many different substrates. With the ability to remove several types of oils, residues, dirt, and other containments, general purpose cleaners are an ideal product solution for many surface preparation needs. The LOCTITE® product portfolio also includes biodegradable all-purpose cleaners that combine the strong surface degreaser and cleaning power with a more environmentally friendly chemistry.

Solvent Based Degreasers and Cleaners

Solvent based degreasers and cleaners are an important part of the LOCTITE® product portfolio, providing strong degreasing and cleaning properties that effectively remove a wide variety of oils, dirt, residues, and chemicals from the surface while offering fast dry times. Solvent based degreasers and cleaners are a good choice for water sensitive parts that may be prone to flash rusting.

Aqueous/Water Based Degreasers and Cleaners

Aqueous or water based degreasers and cleaners are designed for various applications across substrates. Aqueous and water-based cleaners aid in the removal of  contaminants by dissolving them which allows residues to be rinsed off with water. These types of cleaners are ideal for  environments that are not suited for solvents.  

Biodegradable Degreasers and Cleaners

Biodegradable degreasers and cleaners are an increasingly popular choice for many industrial facilities. Biodegradable degreasers and cleaners are versatile with spraying, wiping, and immersion cleaning all being possible. The LOCTITE® degreaser and cleaner product line includes both biodegradable parts cleaners and biodegradable all-purpose cleaners.

ODC-Free Cleaners

LOCTITE® ODC-free cleaners & degreasers can be applied both with immersion cleaning or through spray processes at room temperature or heated. Our ODC-free cleaners and degreasers are designed as a final pre-assembly cleaning treatment to remove most greases, oils, lubrication fluids, metal shavings, and residues.

Industrial Hand Cleaners and Wipes

Industrial hand cleaners and wipes are an effective choice for removing dirt, oils, residues, and other chemicals from hands. LOCITTE® industrial hand wipes include an abrasive surface which helps to remove particles and other residues from hands and forearms.

Contact a member of our team today to learn more about our entire portfolio of degreasers and cleaners.

Industrial Applications

With industrial repair and maintenance applications, there is a need for effective industrial strength degreasers and cleaners that work on multiple substrates and application areas. Henkel understands the challenges faced in industrial maintenance and repair when preparing a surface to ensure optimal performance and minimal downtime Whether your facilities involve, mining, oil and gas, power generation, or wastewater treatment processes, the LOCTITE® industrial degreasers and cleaners product portfolio has your needs covered.

Further Information

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