What Are Threadlockers?

Threaded fasteners, such as bolts and nuts, have a huge role to play in many industries. Their impressive clamp load means they are the ideal fastener for use across a wide range of manufacturing and maintenance applications. But these types of assemblies can fail over time as they work themselves loose, thanks to vibration, torque, or thermal expansion. 

Threadlockers, or threadlocking adhesives, are the solution to this problem. Applied between two mating threads, these liquid threadlocker adhesives secure nuts, bolts and threaded fasteners in place. They cure to form a strong bond that prevents loosening, ensuring assemblies retain clamp load over time.

Threadlocking compounds can effectively reduce the impact of costly failures, repairs, maintenance, and downtime.


Why Use LOCTITE® Threadlockers?

LOCTITE® threadlockers are products you can trust for securing threaded fasteners in place. An industry-leading solution for more than half a decade, they offer versatility, affordability, and reliability in your assemblies.

Our threadlockers are single-component liquid adhesives that secure nuts, bolts and threaded fasteners. They are designed to eliminate the inherent flaws that allow for loosening in threads, including air gaps, vibration and shock. This is achieved by forming a strong bond between the threads, holding everything tightly in place.

Applied to one of two threads before assembly, LOCTITE® threadlockers push the air between the threads out as the fastener is tightened. They then cure in the absence of air to form a strong, thermoset plastic that locks threads and joints in place.

LOCTITE® threadlockers can also lower the effect of corrosion in threaded components and help to prevent leaks in your assemblies. Applicable across both maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) and original equipment manufacturing (OEM), LOCTITE® threadlockers improve reliability, eliminate failure and boost productivity in your operations. 

Choose from a range of different strengths and application types and discover LOCTITE® threadlockers that:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Provide strong, long-lasting adhesive performance
  • Reduce the risk of loosening and leaks
  • Lower maintenance and manufacturing costs

Compare Featured LOCTITE® Threadlockers

Find a solution for your application, from a permanent threadlocker for strong, long-lasting bonds in OEM applications, to removable products that allow for effective MRO strategies, with the range of LOCTITE® threadlockers: 


Discover the full range of threadlockers and download product specific technical data sheets (TDS), restriction of hazardous substances sheets (RoHS), and safety data sheets (SDS).

Choosing a Threadlocker Product

Choosing between red, blue, green and purple threadlockers will depend on the specific needs of your project.

Before you start, it’s important to understand the differences between the different LOCTITE® threadlocker types.

To find the right threadlocker for your task, key considerations will include: 

  • Maintenance and disassembly needs
  • Temperature requirements of application
  • Application strength and vibration levels
  • Type of assembly
  • Thread size
  • Application area and location

For more information on how to get the right threadlocking adhesive for your task, check out our threadlockers selection guide.

Benefits of Threadlockers

Threadlockers protect your threaded fastenings against temperature, excessive movement, and contaminants to prevent failure in all types of threaded assemblies. 

Benefits of using LOCTITE® threadlockers include:

  1. Effectively locking mating threads to prevent loosening from vibration and shock.
  2. Eliminating air gaps other traditional locking devices can’t tackle, restricting movement in the thread.
  3. Sealing against fluids, contaminants and corrosion to improve lifespan
  4. Providing lubricity to achieve controlled friction during assembly.
  5. Preventing galling and seizing for reliable disassembly.
  6. Reducing costly downtime by eliminating threaded assembly failure.
  7. Offering a lower cost-per-unit price than traditional methods.

How to Use Threadlockers

Applying a Threadlocker

Our range of LOCTITE® threadlockers is easy to apply and use across your applications. But for the best results, follow our step-by-step guide to using threadlocking adhesives.

  1. Prepare both threads by cleaning to remove contaminants.
  2. Dry the threads fully before use.
  3. Apply a few drops of threadlocker to the thread.
  4. Slowly turn the nut to lock the fastener in place.
  5. Allow the threadlocker its full cure time (according to the technical data sheet (TDS)) before use.

For more information on threadlocker best practice, check out our in-depth threadlocker application guide.


Removing a Threadlocker

While LOCTITE® threadlockers are designed to lock threaded fasteners in place, you may eventually need to take them apart. Rapid repairs, servicing and maintenance of machinery and parts often means a threadlocker needs temporarily removing.

For applications where you need to disassemble parts, choose the right threadlocker. You can usually remove low-strength purple threadlockers and medium-strength blue threadlockers with high-torque hand tools. Simply turn the fastener with a wrench to remove the adhesive.

High-strength, permanent red threadlockers may require localized heat to remove because they’re primarily designed for more permanent assemblies. But they can be disassembled. For help removing red threadlockers, follow our guide.


Resources for Threadlockers

Learn how to effectively increase your threaded assemblies’ strength and reliability with threadlockers. Download our user’s guide below to find out how, or discover more about the LOCTITE® range of products with the threadlocker flyer and manual.


How to Secure Threaded Assemblies

Threaded assemblies are present in most machines. Learn how they work and how to get your threads secured with LOCTITE®XPLORE, our new e-learning platform for Assembly, Maintenance and Vehicle Repair professionals.

Explore Threadlocker Applications

Find a LOCTITE® threadlocker for fittings of all shapes and sizes. As liquid adhesives, threadlockers are effective and suitable for any threaded application, including: 

  • Through holes
  • Blind holes
  • Post-assembly
  • Overhead applications
  • Pre-applied applications

You can successfully deploy threadlocking adhesives to tackle any task, from improving the reliability of threaded fasteners in everyday applications, to ensuring strong bonds in industrial settings where failure is not an option.



Discover more about the ways LOCTITE® threadlockers can improve the strength and reliability of threaded fasteners for manufacturing and maintenance work in a range of industries, including:

Threadlocker FAQs

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