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Henkel’s complete range of LOCTITE® pre-applied threadlocker coatings eliminate the need to apply liquid sealants, adhesives, or any other mechanical locking or sealing device to threaded parts during manual or automatic assembly.

These dry-to-touch pre-applied threadlockers are applied to screws and bolts commonly used for automotive or other high-volume part applications. Customizable to meet specific customer applications, the are available with various strengths, temperature resistance ranges, and lubricating properties. Additionally, distinctive colors enable easy inspection and identification of different grades. For example, Henkel receives many customer requests for LOCTITE Dri-Loc® blue. What they are requesting is a pre-applied threadlocker equivalent to the performance of LOCTITE® 242 or 243 but in the form of Dri-Loc Plastic. Most often the correct crossover pre-applied threadlocker is either LOCTITE® DRI 202 or LOCTITE® DRI 2045. When an application requires higher breakloose torque augmentation- similar to either LOCTITE® 262, 263, 268, 271, Henkel recommends evaluating LOCTITE® DRI 201, 204, 205 or the new LOCTITE® DRI 2250. All screws or fasteners with LOCTITE® pre-applied threadlockers are designed to provide both threadlocking and thread sealing benefits once the product is completely cured. Dri-Loc Plastic are designed for assemblies that are exposed to all levels of vibration and have been specified in the harshest of environments.

These water-based products ensure that manufacturing, application, drying, and assembly processes are environmentally sustainable. By coating components such as screws or fasteners with LOCTITE® pre-applied threadlockers, they can be reused after disassembly by applying the appropriate liquid LOCTITE® threadlocking or thread sealing product.

Thread Coating Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Customers can use the pre-applied thread sealant coated parts with automatic assembly equipment, with the guarantee that the product is applied correctly. With a pre-applied adhesive system, there is no need to apply adhesives, sealants, or any other sealing material during assembly. Thread fittings coated with LOCTITE® Dri-Seal provide instant sealing up to 1,000 psi when dealing with tapered thread assemblies- or straight to tapered thread assemblies. When needing to seal pure straight thread assemblies the correct pe-applied thread sealant is LOCTITE® DRI STS.

Our Solutions include:

LOCTITE Dri-Loc® - for locking and sealing
LOCTITE Dri-Seal® - for sealing and low strength threadlocking

LOCTITE® pre-applied adhesives and sealants offer many benefits to the automotive industry including:

  • Ready to use
  • Water based product - no fire, health, or safety risks
  • Range of strengths
  • High temperature resistance - up to 200°C
  • Brightly colored for easy identification
  • Lock/seal in any position
  • Any fastener becomes a lock and seal fastener
  • Products available for a wide range of bolt sizes
  • NSF 61 approval for DRI (Dri-Seal) products
  • Solvent/chemical resistant - all oils (motor, ATF), water, glycol, petrol, diesel
  • Good adhesion on many substrates
  • Prevent galling and corrosion of metals, especially stainless steel and aluminum

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LOCTITE DRI Thread Sealing Products (formerly known as LOCTITE Vibra-Seal)

Rated to 350°F (177o C), reusable and resistant to most fluids

LOCTITE DRI Thread Sealing Products (formerly known as LOCTITE Dri-Seal)

Rated to 350°F, reusable and resistant to most fluids

LOCTITE Pre-Applied Anti-Seize

A non-curing product

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