Optically clear adhesives are a growing necessity for a range of electronic and touch screen applications across industries. These types of adhesives are needed for a wide variety of optical bonding applications that enable free form and curved display designs in automotive and other electronic devices. Needed for demanding applications that require transparency and strong contact bonding, optically clear adhesives make electronic advancements with touch screen displays possible.

LOCTITE® optically clear adhesives are up the challenges presented by optical contact bonding in electronic display, touch screen, and sensor bonding applications. In bonding dissimilar substrates together and to protect sensitive electronic components on the inside, optically clear adhesives need to support efficient and quick application.  

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Optically Clear Adhesive Product Types

With the rising demands of the electronics industry, optically bonding solutions need to be more flexible, stronger, and work on a diverse range of substrates. To meet this demand, Henkel’s LOCTITE® offers a range of optically clear adhesive chemistries that are required for a number of electronic applications. This includes liquid optically clear adhesives, acrylic optically clear adhesives, optically clear epoxies, and optically clear resins.

Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives (LOCA)

Liquid optically clear adhesives are a well-known choice of bonding adhesives for a number of display screens, touch panel, and other lens bonding applications. This is because they securely bond optically screens in place. Liquid optically clear adhesives provide a strong bonding on plastic structures and substrates whether it be for mobile phones, automotive displays, or other touch screen devices. Optically clear epoxies are also often used for these types of applications, providing strong bond holds.

LOCTITE® liquid optically clear adhesives are UV cured are can be applied through a dam and fill application method. UV cure allows for these liquid optically clear adhesives to be set quickly and easily. Liquid OCAs are cured through a (2K) chemical process with UV light, or just with UV light (1K). Silicone is the main chemical component of many optically clear adhesives. Silicone optically clear adhesives are particularly suitable for applications that require high temperature optically clear adhesives due to their temperature resistance qualities. For this reason, LOCA is found prominently in automotive applications.

Optically Clear Acrylic Adhesives

Acrylic optically clear adhesives come in liquid form but are made with acrylic adhesives rather than silicone found in other liquid optically clear adhesives. Acrylic optically clear adhesives are UV cured and have high haze resistance making them the preferred optically clear adhesive choice for electronic applications. Acrylic optically clear adhesives are also flexible which means they are suitable for attaching a range of display and touch screens.

Some Acrylic clear adhesive is UV and thermal curing with different refractive index. It has good transparency, humidity resistance, low shrinkage which is widely used in optical component bonding. Different kinds of adhesives can be used to match different refractive index requirement.

Optically Clear epoxy Adhesives

Optical clear epoxy adhesive is a pure UV curing adhesive. It has good adhesion to different kinds of substrates, lower shrinkage, high thermal resistance comparing with Acrylic clear adhesives. Optical clear epoxy adhesives are widely used in optical market for lens bonding.

Optically Clear Resin (OCR)

Optically Clear Resins come in liquid resin form and is usually injected into the application area. This type of resin is highly suitable for printable materials. Similar to liquid optically clear adhesives, optically clear resin and optically clear epoxy resin are typically used in touch screen and video display applications that requires secure bonding and high resistance to environmental factors.

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Process Conditions of Optically Clear Adhesives

Optically clear adhesives can be applied through a number of different process conditions based on the needs of the user. Optically clear adhesives, both with silicone and acrylic chemistries are typically applied with the dam and fill approach. However, Henkel offers optically clear adhesives that can be applied with the following process conditions:

  • Dam and fill
  • Slit Coating
  • Stencil Coating
  • Digital Coating

Industrial Applications for Optically Clear Adhesives

Optically clear adhesives are an important adhesive material for a range of products we use every day. Henkel is a trusted supplier of a range of optically clear adhesive product forms, getting you the right product for your application area.


Automotive displays are important features in modern vehicles making advanced entertainment and safety technology more accessible. LOCTITE® liquid optically clear adhesives are perfectly suited for bonding automotive displays including several different design types. From multi-panel and curved displays to free form screens, UV liquid optically adhesive adhesives secure automotive display to the consoles. Read more about all our automotive display material solutions on our automotive displays page. This includes optically clear adhesives for TFT optical bonding which is needed for LCD screens.


Apart from automotive applications, there are several consumer and industrial electronic applications that require the optical contact bonding provided by optically clear adhesives. With new products being developed, electronic touch screen products and devices with sensors require advanced adhesives solutions to securely hold their screens in place while providing protection for the device itself. LOCTITE® optically clear adhesives are suited for a number of different electronic products that require strong, transparent adhesive strength.


In Optical market, optically clear adhesives are widely use on fiber array assembly, PLC, MUX, DEMUX, lens bonding, silicone photonics design on optical transceiver assembly. Different refractive index and good transparency is required to match different substrate refractive index and light patch.

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