Whether your business is in flexible packaging for food, medicines, medical supplies, cosmetics, or in textile and technical lamination, we deliver the flexible packaging adhesive and coating solutions to meet your current and future needs. Flexible laminates in packaging are highly specialized products, combining several film/foil layers with different characteristics to bring out the desired features for each individual package.

Henkel’s brand LOCTITE® Liofol stands for high-quality laminating adhesives and coatings. This product range comprises solutions for a multitude of applications within the food packaging industry as well as for non-food applications. Our products benefit from more than 80 years of research and development in adhesives and coatings. Henkel understands the needs of the flexible packaging industry and provides solutions for all end use applications. As a major flexible packaging material supplier, we constantly optimize our laminating adhesive portfolio to further improve sustainability, safety, productivity, performance, and functionality.

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Laminating Adhesives for Flexible Packaging


Our flexible packaging adhesive and coating solutions cover a broad spectrum of requirements, from economic general-purpose packages to highest performance applications such as retortable or ovenable packaging. We offer a broad choice of flexible packaging material and technologies to match all types of application equipment.

Polyurethane Laminating Adhesives

Polyurethane laminating adhesives are used in a number of packaging applications that require strong bonding holds and quick curing times. The LOCTITE® LIOFOL polyurethane laminating adhesives portfolio includes solvent-free polyurethane adhesives and solvent-based polyurethane adhesives, among others. These adhesives are used predominately in packaging, automotive, and consumer product manufacturing industries since they can be applied to a number of different substrates. 

Solventless Laminationg Adhesives  

Solventless laminating adhesives have numerous benefits since they do not contain solvents and can be used safely in many food packaging applications. They are also especially suited for low weight packaging needs. LOCTITE® LIOFOL solvent-free adhesive systems provide the optimal combination of economic and sustainability benefits, offering exceptional efficiency.

We can provide solutions for:

  • Excellent machine runability, even for barrier films at high speed
  • Comfortable handling and easy cleaning
  • Optimal ink compatibility
  • Pasteurization and retort applications
  • Maximum level of food safety (incl. cyclic-ester-free adhesives)
  • High operator safety (R40/H351 free)
  • Fast PAA decay
  • Aliphatic room temperature curing
  • High initial tack

Solvent-Based Laminating Adhesives

The ideal choice for aggressive filling goods, high thermal stresses and for all other high-performance applications in food and non-food packaging. LOCTITE® LIOFOL solvent-based adhesive solutions have high bond strength and can be used for a number of flexible packaging applications and substrates. 

We can provide solutions for:

• Highest line speeds

• High solids application

• Excellent solvent release

• Maximum level of food safety

• High operator safety (R40/H351 free)

• Very fast PAA decay

• Aliphatic room temperature curing

• Highly acidic/corrosive filling goods

Water-Based Laminating Adhesives

With the rising need for water-based laminating adhesives for food and beverage packaging applications, Henkel is up to the task of providing the right adhesives. LOCTITE® LIOFOL water-based laminating adhesives provide fast cure time and low foaming properties. Our portfolio includes both water-based wet bond adhesives as well as water-based dry bond adhesives with both providing material solutions to specific application challenges. LOCTITE® LIOFOL water-based wet bond adhesive systems allow for economical systems for wet lamination of paper with film and foil.

We can provide solutions for:

  • High thermal resistance
  • Low odor
  • Good water resistance
  • Fast setting
  • Low foaming tendency

LOCTITE® LIOFOL water-based dry bond adhesive systems are the right choice for dry bonding applications that require quick curing time and simple application.

We can provide solutions for:

  • High initial tack and fast curing
  • Excellent clarity
  • Easy mixing and processing
  • Low foaming tendency

UV Laminating Adhesives

UV Laminating adhesives are a good choice for bonding applications requiring quick cure times. When UV light is applied the adhesive is quickly bonded to the substrate. LOCTITE® LIOFOL offers a line of UV laminating adhesives that are highly suited for packaging applications across different paper substrates as well as other films.

Laminating Adhesive Film

Henkel also offers laminating adhesive films that are an alternative to laminating adhesive pastes since they allow for more even and smooth applications across the substrates. The LOCTITE® LIOFOL line offers laminating adhesive films for dry applications across multiple substrates.

Contact us today to find out about how our laminating adhesives can help your flexible packaging material needs.

Applications for Laminating Adhesives

We realize the manufacturers of packaging require different application approaches. Because of this, Henkel ensures that it provides the laminating adhesives necessary for a number of different applications.

Wet Bond Laminating

As opposed to dry bond lamination, wet bond lamination is able to bond to more substrates than dry bond lamination although these generally take longer to bond. Wet bond lamination is a good choice for bonding two different materials were the adhesive can infiltrate the substrate. For this reason, LOCTITE® LIOFOL offers number of different wet bond laminating adhesives chemistries that work specifically for porous surfaces suitable for wet bond lamination.

Film to Film Laminating

Henkel’s laminating film adhesives are suitable for a number of different applications within the flexible packaging industry. This application approach is well-suited where quick setting and strong bond holds are needed.

Film to Foil Laminating

With film to foil laminating, two different substrates, usually metal with another substrate. Henkel provides laminating adhesives that are especially suited for metal bonding to another substrate in laminating applications.

High Speed Laminating

Many LOCTITE® LIOFOL laminating adhesives support high speed laminating applications that help increase efficiency and cut costs. With quick cure times and strong holds, we enable high speed laminating operations.  

Making the Flexible Packaging Industry Possible

Flexible or soft packaging materials are essential to a number of industries. Whether dairy products, fruit juice, soups and sauces, pet food, washing powder or detergents – flexible packaging adhesives can be found frequently in our daily lives. As your experienced partner, Henkel offers the right solutions for your flexible packaging applications. With a wide range of laminating adhesive chemistries to choose from, flexible packaging applications and technologies for food are mow more efficient and less costly to produce than ever.

Flexible Packaging Applications for Food:

  • Dry food packaging (snack food, soup pouches, coffee, pasta)
  • Fresh food packaging (meat, cheese and fish packaging)
  • Fruit juices stand-up pouch
  • Confectionery and ice cream packaging
  • Ketchup / mayonnaise / mustard sachet
  • Portion lidding and glass lidding (dairy products, dry food)
  • Ready meal packaging

Flexible Packaging Technologies for Food (among others):

  • Solvent-based polyurethane adhesives
  • Solvent-free polyurethane adhesives
  • Water-based acrylic and polyurethane adhesives
  • Hotmelt adhesives
  • Heatseal lacquers
  • Coldseal lacquers

Non-Food Flexible Packaging Application and Technologies

  • Non-food Flexible Packaging Applications:
  • Stand-up pouches (cream soap, detergents, etc.)
  • Washing powder packaging
  • Dishwasher tabs
  • Wet wipes
  • Cosmetic sachets
  • Pharma and industrial blister packaging
  • Technical areas (PV backsheets, electrical insulation, etc.)
  • Medical & sterile packaging

Non-food Flexible Technologies (among others):

  • Solvent-free polyurethane adhesives
  • Solvent-based polyurethane adhesives
  • Water-based acrylic and polyurethane adhesives
  • Water-based and solvent-based heatseal lacquers
  • Coldseal lacquers
  • Hotmelt adhesives

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