Due to the shrinking sizes of assemblies combined with increasing functionality and power requirements, the need for thermal management is critical. Henkel's assembly films not only provide best-in-class electrical, thermal and mechanical performance but also lower total assembly costs through the elimination of inventory maintenance and/or third-party conversion. Henkel's assembly films provide a proven solution for the most demanding applications requiring the highest reliability performance. Henkel provides customized, pre-cut cut film preforms to precisely match highly-complex printed circuit board shapes and patterns. This ensures an exact amount of void-free adhesive with a controlled bondline thickness in a specific area.

Film Adhesive Applications


High-reliability film solutions for aerospace electronics in planes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) including engines, turbines, sensors, guidance systems and navigation systems.


Proven and trusted film solutions supporting high-reliability radar and sonar assemblies including antennas, phase shifters, T/R modules, power modules, transmitters and sensors.


High-reliability film supporting satellite assembly including directed energy, communication, guidance, navigation and control systems.

Henkel has more than 40 years of experience supplying quality film adhesives for high-reliability applications designed for:

Custom Cut Film Adhesive Preforms - Overview

Henkel Converting Sites

Henkel has sites to produce state-of-the-art custom cut preforms in Rancho Dominguez, CA and Cannon Falls, MN.


All Henkel assembly film products are in scope including electrically conductive, thermally conductive or unfilled films.

Lead Times

Quotes (1-2 days), samples (2-3 days), new production orders (10 days) and repeat production order (5 days). All are pending feasibility review.

Custom-Cut Film Adhesive Preform Benefits

Custom Cut Film Adhesive Preforms:
Henkel Equipment and Engineering Capability

PNT Knife Plotter

Can cut large parts up to 50 x 29 inches.

Laser Cutter

Ideal for very complex parts, prevents resin bleed.

Die Cutter

High throughput precision.

For additional detail on Henkel's film adhesive preform capability, watch this short video.

Introducing LOCTITE® ABLESTIK CF 3366

  • High electrical, thermal and mechanical performing assembly film
  • High adhesion strength at elevated temperatures
  • Low-temperature cure
  • Adhesion with flexibility

Resources for Film Adhesives

Technical Paper: Effects of Environmental Exposure on the Performance of Electrically Conductive Film Adhesives for RF Grounding Applications

Brochure: Electronic Material Solutions For Radar, Guidance System, and Aviation Industries


Sell Sheet: Henkel’s Innovative Film Adhesive Solutions

Guide: Film Application and Handling Guide

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