Henkel’s line of LOCTITE and LOCTITE Eccobond™ encapsulants are primarily used to ensure environmental protection and boost the mechanical strength of wire bonded devices. They are developed to provide protection to wire bonds, leads and aluminum.

Available as thermal, ultraviolet (UV), or moisture cure materials, Henkel encapsulants are designed for the highest reliability using:

  • Better mechanical and reliability performance & Strong adhesion to various substrates, good TC/drop test performance
  • Easy and tunable processing
    • Excellent jet dispensing performance
    • Precise rheology control to meet specified flow requirement
    • Precise thixotropic for dot shape control
    • UV detectable
  • Fast cure and dual curing mechanism
    • Heat cure + UV cure and UV+ Moisture cure materials
  • Moisture & heat resistance and stable electrical performance
    • High SIR after 85C/85RH conditioning (1wk)
    • High bias voltage
    • Survive harsh environment
    • Survive lead-free reflow
  • Environmental compliance, halogen free materials

Encapsulants in Action

Henkel high-purity encapsulants deliver unmatched performance for a variety of products including transistors, system in package (SIP) devices, ASICs, and chip-on-board applications. Cycle time and costs can be reduced through the use of LOCTITE ECCOBOND glob tops. These materials for chip-on- board applications are designed to cure quickly to fit easily within high-speed manufacturing operations.

Like all Henkel materials, LOCTITE ECCOBOND liquid encapsulants are formulated and tested in-process and in the context of full package assembly. They meet the most stringent JEDEC-level testing requirements and are developed to deliver outstanding performance within high temperature lead-free environments.

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