Protecting circuit boards can involve various materials placed on or around circuit boards and components to provide protection against particles, heat, moisture, and other external pressures. Henkel is a trusted supplier of encapsulant materials that are used in electronics manufacturing worldwide. From chip on board encapsulants such as glob top material to conformal coatings, underfills, low pressure molding, and potting solutions, Henkel offers a full range of circuit board protection materials that effectively protect circuit boards while help reduce costs. 

Our PCB encapsulation solutions include epoxy, silicone, urethane, and acrylic chemistries that provide manufacturing flexibility across applications. Learn more about the characteristics and benefits of our ECCOBOND® encapsulation materials range here:

  • Better reliability and mechanical performance, strong adhesion to various substrates, good TC/drop test performance
  • Easy and tunable processing across a comprehensive range of applications
    • Excellent jet dispensing performance
    • Precise rheology control to meet specified flow requirement
    • Precise thixotropic for dot shape control
    • UV detectable
  • Fast cure and dual curing mechanism for ultimate versatility
    • Heat cure, UV cure, and UV+ Moisture cure materials
  • Moisture & heat resistance and stable electrical performance
    • High SIR after 85C/85RH conditioning (1wk)
    • High bias voltage
    • Suitable for harsh environments
    • Survive lead-free reflow
  • Environmental compliance including halogen-free materials

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Henkel’s Encapsulant Materials Product Portfolio

Henkel’s Encapsulation materials span a wide range of needs and provide flexibility for specific needs relating to application and product chemistry. Find out more about our PCB protection solutions:

Encapsulant Chemistries

Silicone Encapsulants

Silicone encapsulants are softer than epoxy variants and provide better protection under stresses in many cases. Silicone encapsulants are a good choose when PCB protection requires materials with the ability to absorb of different types of shocks. Our silicone encapsulants allow for different application and curing methods based on your manufacturing processes. 

Epoxy Encapsulants      

Epoxy encapsulants are stronger and more reliable than silicone or acrylic encapsulants making them the choice for many manufacturers. Epoxy encapsulants provide a strong outer casing and overall adhesion is better with epoxy chemistries. This also includes liquid epoxy encapsulants for semiconductor packaging applications. Henkel’s product line includes epoxy resin dams that provide a strong dam area for dam and fill application methods.  

Urethane Encapsulants

Urethane encapsulants are generally not as hard as epoxy and provide excellent protection of electronic components especially for potting applications. Urethane encapsulants are usually used for overall protective coatings and come in two component formulations.

Acrylic Encapsulants

Acrylic encapsulants are UV/heat curable and are ideal for encapsulation applications that the require flexible and stability. Acrylic encapsulant chemistries are both effective against external environmental factures and pressures as well as help protect against heat making them important for many encapsulation applications. 

Contact a member of our team today to find out more about all our encapsulation solutions

Industrial Applications

Our encapsulation solutions for electronic components have long been trusted materials for manufacturers across the globe. Our product solutions include flip chip materials such as semiconductor encapsulants, capillary underfills, die attach adhesives, and non conductive pastes. When it comes to electronic device manufacturing, Henkel has the material solutions that enable innovative electronic products.

Further Resources

For more information about our encapsulation solutions, download the following PDFs.

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