Features and Benefits

Designed for sealing threaded fittings in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, it's thixotropic behavior allows ease of use.
LOCTITE® 5452 is a purple, thixotropic, anaerobic-curing thread sealant liquid designed for sealing threaded fittings in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The thixotropic nature makes it suitable for large diameter pipes and the sealant contains no fillers or particles that can interfere with a hydraulic system. It is useful with dry seal fittings such as O-Ring boss style connectors by preventing loosening that can ultimately lead to leakage. It can be used as a sealant on mating surfaces of flare style fittings.
  • Suitable for large diameter pipes
  • Prevents thread loosening that ultimately leads to leakage
  • Contains no fillers or particles that can interfere with hydraulic systems
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Safety Data Sheets and RoHs
LOCTITE® 5452, 250 ml Tube 1265770 en-US
IDH: 1265770
EAN: 079340438316

Size Case: 250 ml Tube

Quantity: 10.0/case

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Technical Information

Breakaway torque, M10 Black Oxide Bolts 3.5 N·m (31.0 in./lb. )
Color Purple
Key characteristics Cure Speed: Fast Cure, Thixotropic, Viscosity: High Viscosity
Operating temperature -65.0 - 360.0 °F (-55.0 - 180.0 °C )
Physical form Liquid
Viscosity, 20 RPM 28000.0 mPa·s (cP)

How to

Step by Step Guide

1. Preparation - Cleaning

For best results, clean all surfaces (external and internal) with a LOCTITE®cleaning solvent and allow to dry.

2. Preparation - Activation

Use Activator 7471™ or 7649™ prior to application of sealant and allow to dry, if quicker service time is required.

3. Assembly

For NPT or other taper joint fittings apply a 360° band of sealant to leading threads of the male fitting. For larger threads and gaps, adjust the volume of sealantaccordingly. For ORB & O-Ring Fittings apply a 360° band of sealantto the threads for the male fitting. Ensure product is applied into roots of the threads and adequate coverage. For JIC Fittings coat the face of the male JIC with the sealant. This is applicable for new and damaged fittings. Also apply to threads for vibration resistance.

4. Disassambly

Remove with standard hand tools. Where hand tools do not work because of excessive engagement length or large diameters (over 25 mm), apply localized heat to approximately 480 °F. Disassemble while hot.

5. Cleanup

Cured product is most easily removed with mechanical abrasion such as a wire brush and wiped Fittings if mechanically acceptable can normally bereused once cleaned. clean with acotton cloth.

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