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Known as Sil-Pad® 1500ST

Features and Benefits

BERGQUIST SIL PAD TSP 1800ST, Electrically Insulating, Thermally Conductive, Soft Tack Elastomeric Material
BERGQUIST® SIL PAD TSP 1800ST is a fiberglass reinforced thermal interface material that is naturally tacky on both sides. BERGQUIST SIL PAD TSP 1800ST exhibits superior thermal performance when compared to the competitors' thermal interface materials. BERGQUIST SIL PAD TSP 1800ST is supplied in sheet form or roll form for exceptional auto-dispensing and auto-placement in high volume assemblies. BERGQUIST SIL PAD TSP 1800ST is intended for placement between an electronic power device and its heat sink.
  • Thermal impedance: 0.23°C-in2/W (@50 psi)
  • Naturally tacky on both sides
  • Pad is repositionable
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Auto-placement and dispensable
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Technical Information

Carrier Type Reinforcement Carrier: Fiberglass
Color Blue
Flame Rating V-0
Technology Silicone
Thickness 0 in.
Usage Temperature -76 - 356 °F