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Known as Sil-Pad® 1200

Features and Benefits

BERGQUIST SIL PAD TSP 1800, Exceptional Performance, Silicone based, Fiberglass-reinforced, Thermally Conductive Elastomeric Material
BERGQUIST® SIL PAD TSP 1800 is a silicone based, fiberglass-reinforced thermal interface material featuring a smooth, highly compliant surface. The material features a non-tacky surface for efficient re-positioning and ease of use, as well as an optional adhesive coating. BERGQUIST SIL PAD TSP 1800 exhibits exceptional thermal performance at lower application pressures. The material is ideal for placement between electronic power devices and a heatsink for screw and clip mounted applications.
  • Thermal impedance: 0.53°C-in2/W (@50 psi)
  • Exceptional thermal performance at lower application pressures
  • Smooth and non-tacky on both sides for easy re-positioning, ease of use and assembly error reduction
  • Superior breakdown voltage and surface "wet out" values
  • Designed for applications where electrical isolation is critical
  • Excellent cut-through resistance, designed for screw and clip mounted applications
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Technical Information

Carrier Type Reinforcement Carrier: Fiberglass
Color Black
Flame Rating V-0
Technology Silicone
Thermal Conductivity 1.8 W/mK
Thickness 0 - 0.01 in.