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Features and Benefits

BERGQUIST GAP FILLER TGF 1450, Two part, High performance, Thermally conductive liquid gap filling material

BERGQUIST® GAP FILLER TGF 1450 is a high performance thermally conductive liquid gap filling material which features high shear thinning characteristics for optimized consistency and control during dispensing. BERGQUIST GAP FILLER TGF 1450 features a low-density design which reduces final assembly weight. The mixed system will cure at room temperature and can be accelerated with the addition of heat. BERGQUIST GAP FILLER TGF 1450 offers infinite thickness variations with little or no stress to the sensitive components during or following assembly. 


Options and Configurations

Spacer Beads - No spacer beads, 0.007"" spacer beads, 0.010"" spacer beads
Pot Life - 60 min
Cartridges - 50cc, 200cc, 400cc, 7 gallon, 10 gallon

Custom made configurations available upon request



  • Thermal conductivity: 1.5 W/m-K
  • Ultra-conforming with excellent wet-out for near zero interface stress
  • No cure by-products
  • Low density for weight sensitive application
  • Excellent low and high temperature mechanical and chemical stability
  • Shear thinning viscosity for ease of dispensing
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Documents and Downloads

Technical Information

Color Part A Blue
Color Part B Blue: Light Blue
Density 1.85 g/cc
Dielectric Constant (1 MHz) 0.0064
Flame Rating V-0
Heat Capacity 1 °C in.²/W @ 50 psi
Mix Ratio 4.2361111111111106E-2
Pot Life Temperature 25 °C
Pot Life Time 60 min.
Shelf Life Temperature 25 °C
Shelf Life Time 6 mon.
Shore Hardness Durometer 40
Shore Hardness Scale OO
Thermal Conductivity 1.5 W/mK
Usage Temperature 150 °C
Volume Resistivity 10 Ohm m