Features and Benefits

LOCTITE HHD 3544F is a polyurethane reactive (PUR) hotmelt structural adhesive for consumer electronics assembly.
LOCTITE® HHD 3544F is the industry’s first bio-based polyurethane reactive (PUR) hot melt structural adhesive and offers a sustainable alternative for consumer electronics assembly. LOCTITE HHD 3544F provides good bonding performance and has a suitable open time for automated or manual assembly.
  • Easy processing
  • Excellent bonding to plastics, metal and glass
  • Long open time & work life while dispensing or jetting
  • 60% bio content from renewable feedstock raw materials
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Documents and Downloads

Safety Data Sheets and RoHs
LOCTITE HHD 3544F, 20KG 2638517 en-US
IDH: 2638517

Size Case: Bottle

LOCTITE HHD 3544F, 300G 2684607 en-US
IDH: 2684607

Size Case: Standard Cartridge

LOCTITE HHD 3544F, 30ML 2685026 en-US
IDH: 2685026

Size Case: Syringe

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