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Known as FREKOTE 55 NC

Features and Benefits


Clear, solvent-based, moisture-cured, semi-permanent release polymer with reduced odor.

LOCTITE® FREKOTE 55NC is a clear, solvent-based, moisture-cured, semi-permanent release polymer with reduced odor. It is designed to provide multiple release of advanced composites, FRP polyester parts and rotationally moulded parts with no contaminating transfer or mould build-up. Wiped or sprayed on, it creates a satin matt finish; dry time between coats is 5 min.
  • No contaminating transfer
  • No mould build-up
  • For advanced composites, FRP and rotationally moulded parts
  • Satin matt finish
  • Manual or spray application
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Technical Information

Cure Time After Final Coat 10
Cure Time Unit After Final Coat min.
Dry Time Between Coats 5 min.
Dry Time Temperature Between Coats 68 °F
Finish Reflection Matte, Satin
Full Cure Temperature 68 °F
Full Cure Time 30 min.
Key Characteristics Solvent Based
Substrates Composite: Advanced Composites, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
Temperature Max 140
Temperature Min 68
Temperature Unit °F
Thermal Stability (Maximum) 752 °F