LOCTITE 3D Printing EQ Washer DW11

Features and Benefits

The Loctite® 3D Printing EQ Washer DW11 is a high-performance wash station specifically designed and engineered for cleaning 3D printed parts created using Loctite 3D Printing resins. Loctite 3D Printing EQ Washer DW11 is a programmable automatic cleaning unit that is designed to accommodate the build head directly into the Wash Station, utilizing a rotating impeller to circulate the cleaner bidirectionally to achieve maximum cleaning. A universal wash basket is also provided for loose parts if a Loctite build head is not used.
  • Bidirectional agitation
  • Dual bath design
  • Adjustable cleaning cycle timer for each bath
  • Automatic part lowing/raising
  • Color touch screen user interface
  • Loose part basket or build head mount
  • 3 agitation speeds Cleaner pot life timer
  • Large volume reservoir
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