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Features and Benefits


Instant adhesive formulated primarily for bonding metals. Also bonds plastics, rubbers and polyolefins. 10 - 30 secs fixture time.

LOCTITE® 493 is a transparent, colorless, methyl-based instant adhesive that is particularly suited to bonding metals. Other materials bonded include plastics and rubbers, as well as polyolefins (in combination with Primer LOCTITE® SF 770 or LOCTITE® SF 7239). This general purpose adhesive offers a fixture time of 10 - 30 secs. It is available in 50 g and 500 g pack sizes.
  • Particularly suited to metals
  • Also bonds plastics, rubbers and polyolefins
  • 10 - 30 secs. fixture time
  • colorless and transparent
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Technical Information

Chemical Basis / Base Methyl
Color Clear: Ultra Clear
Fixture Time Max 30
Fixture Time Min 10
Fixture Time Unit sec.
Gap Fill 0.006 in.