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Known as Loctite 4203 Prism Instant Adhesive

Features and Benefits


LOCTITE® 4203Instant Adhesiveis a thermally resistant andrubber toughened instant adhesive that cures at room temperature. This clear, low viscosity OEM assembly instant adhesive has excellent hot strength and heat aging properties. Ideal for close fitting parts. Adhesive for fiber optic components.
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Documents and Downloads

Data Sheet
Loctite 4203
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Data Sheets
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Technical Information

Full Cure Temperature 77 °F
Gap Fill 0.005 in.
Key Characteristics Toughened, Usability: Easy to Use
Shear Strength Unit, Grit Blasted Steel psi
Shear Strength, Grit Blasted Steel 2200
Specific Gravity 1.1 g/l
Specific Gravity Temperature 25 °C
Viscosity 375 mPa.s (cP) Brookfield
Viscosity Temperature 77 °F