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LOCTITE® 404 Instant Adhesive

Known as LOCTITE 404 Quick Set Instant Adhesive

Features and Benefits

A low viscosity, instant adhesive designed for rubber (elastomeric) materials and plastics where very fast-fixturing is required. Ideal for O-ring assembly.
LOCTITE® 404 is a transparent, colorless to straw colored, low viscosity instant adhesive (industrial grade) designed for bonding of plastics and elastomeric materials. It allows for very fast-fixturing for ease of assembly and handling, especially suited for quick repairs. It has been qualified to Commercial Item Description A-A-3097 (Note: This is a regional approval).
  • Ideal for O-ring assembly
  • Designed for bonding of rubber (elastomeric) materials and plastics
  • Ideal for quick repairs
  • Qualified to Commercial Item Description A-A-3097 (This is a regional approval)
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Technical Information

Agency approvals / certificates / specifications Commercial Item Std. A-A-3097
Application method Manual
Applications Bonding Plastic, Bonding Rubber
Color Clear
Cure type Moisture Cure
Fixture time, Steel 20.0 sec.
Gap fill 0.15 mm
Key characteristics Fixture: Very Fast Fixture, Viscosity: Low Viscosity
Operating temperature -40.0 - 180.0 °F (-40.0 - 80.0 °C )
Physical form Liquid
Recommended for use with Elastomer, Plastic, Rubber
Shear strength, Mild Steel (grit blasted) 3500.0 psi (24.0 N/mm² )
Specific gravity, @ 25.0 °C 1.09
Viscosity 90.0 mPa·s (cP)

How to

Step by Step Guide

1. Preparation - Cleaning

It is recommended to use the correct LOCTITE® cleaner for the surface to be bonded (such as LOCTITE® SF 7070™) to degrease and clean surfaces prior to applying the adhesive.

2. Preparation - Priming

To improve adhesion on difficult to bond plastic surfaces, apply LOCTITE® SF 770™ to the bond area by brushing or dipping. Avoid applying excess primer. Allow the primer to dry.

3. Preparation - Activation

If cure speed is too slow, use appropriate activator LOCTITE® SF 7452™ (see cure speed vs activator graph in TDS). Apply activator to one bond surface by spray, brush or dipping (not primed surfaces). Allow the activator to dry.

4. Application

Apply adhesive onto one side/part.

5. Assembly

Assemble parts immediately. The parts should be accurately located as the short fixture time leaves little opportunity for adjustment. Bond should be held or clamped until the adhesive has fixtured. Hint: if necessary, excess product can be cured by activator LOCTITE® SF 7458 or LOCTITE® SF 7452. Spray or drop activator onto excess product.


For precise dispensing of small amounts of adhesive, the use of dispensing needles is recommended.

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