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Features and Benefits


Ethyl-based instant adhesive, mainly for plastics. Fast room temperature fixturing. ISO 10993 certified.

LOCTITE® 4014 is a transparent, colorless, ethyl-based instant adhesive that is designed to provide fast room temperature fixturing, particularly for plastic substrates. Typical applications include the assembly of disposable medical devices. This ISO 10993 certified product can also bond polyolefins (in combination with Primer LOCTITE®SF 770 or LOCTITE® SF 7239, rubbers and metals.
  • Fast room temperature fixturing
  • Mainly for plastic substrates
  • Transparent and colorless
  • ISO 10993 certified
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Technical Information

Color Clear: Ultra Clear
Fixture Time Max 30
Fixture Time Min 10
Fixture Time Unit sec.
Gap Fill 0.006 in.
Technology Ethyl
Temperature Max 170
Temperature Min 140
Temperature Unit °F
Viscosity 3 mPa.s (cP) Brookfield
Viscosity Temperature 77 °F