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Known as Macromelt OM 641

Features and Benefits

Polyamide amber hotmelt adhesive for molding applications. Bond area sets into thermoplastic condition.
TECHNOMELT® PA 641 is an amber polyamide hotmelt adhesive for molding applications. With an application temperature of +392 °F to +464 °F (+200 °C to +240 °C), a physical setting cure leads to a thermoplastic condition of the bond area. The product resists temperature to a softening point of +338 °F to +356 °F (+170 °C to +180 °C). Creep resistance temperature is +311 °F (+155 °C).
  • Purpose-designed for molding applications
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Technical Information

Color Amber
Density 0.98 g/cm³
Number of Components 1 Part
Shelf Life Time 24 mon.
Technology Polyamide (PA)
Usage Temperature -41 - 266 °F