LOCTITE® NS 5540 Extreme Temperature Sealant

Features and Benefits

This 1-part heat-cured liquid sealant is designed for threads and flanges. Ideal for high temperature and high pressure applications.
LOCTITE® NS 5540 is a brown, high strength, heat-cured liquid sealant for threads and flanges in high temperature and high pressure applications. The cured product won’t permanently join flanges together, better enabling any future repairs of metal-to-metal joints, and performs well under thermal cycling conditions. It has a top service temperature of 700˚C (1,300°F) and has been successfully used to seal flanges carrying up to 2900 psi steam. Typical applications include high temperature thread and flange sealing of steam, oils, hot air, and exhaust gases.
  • Thermally reactive liquid sealing compound (repairable)
  • Low viscose (brushable) sealant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Unaffected by thermal cycling
  • Service temperature is +100 °F to +1,300 °F (+38 °C to +700˚C)
  • Seals flanges carrying up to 2,900 psi steam
  • High strength
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Technical Information

Application temperature -40.0 - 1300.0 °F (-40.0 - 704.0 °C )
Applications For High Temperature Applications
Color Brown
Cure type Heat Cure
Gap fill, Unprimed 40.0 mm
Number of components 1 Part
Storage temperature 8.0 - 21.0 °C
Viscosity 48000.0 mPa·s (cP)