Known as TEROSTAT 81

Features and Benefits

Black, very high tackiness and adhesion strength butyl sealant, available as a sealing tape for cold application or pumpable from a drum when heated.
TEROSON® RB 81 is a butyl sealant with very high tackiness and very high strength adhesion. This latest generation product provides improved performance both as a sealing tape that is applied at room temperature and as a pumpable product when heated to temperatures between +80 and +160°C. Both are suitable for use on a very wide range of substrates. Service temperature is -40 to +80°C.
  • Very high tackiness
  • Very high adhesion strength
  • Very good water and ageing resistance
  • Self-welding
  • Excellent adhesion to almost all substrates
  • No corrosive constituents
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Technical Information

Application Method Hot Applied
Chemical Basis / Base Butyl
Color Black
Penetration, @ 23.0 °C Cone 150 g, 6s ~ 71.1 mm