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Known as TEROSTAT MS 9360

Features and Benefits


1-part, colorless, solvent-free, high strength industrial sealant. Good adhesion to many different substrates.

TEROSON® MS 9360 is a 1-part, high strength, silane modified polymer sealant which cures by reaction with moisture to a soft elastic product. It is free of solvents, isocyanates, silicones and PVC. The product is odorless and demonstrates good adhesion to many substrates. It is compatible with suitable paint systems.
  • High strength
  • Free of solvents
  • odorless
  • Compatible with paint systems
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Data Sheets
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Technical Information

% Elongation @ Break 200
Agency Approvals / Specifications DIN 53504, DIN EN ISO 868
Color Black
Cure Through Volume 0.118 in.
Full Cure Time 24 hr.
Key Characteristics Thixotropic
Physical Form Paste
Tensile Strength 507.63 psi