LOCTITE® EA 9497 Structural Adhesive

Known as LOCTITE 9497

Features and Benefits

LOCTITE EA 9497 is a grey, 2-part, medium viscosity, high performance epoxy adhesive offering high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity.
LOCTITE® EA 9497™ is a general-purpose high temperature resistant structural bonder with thermal conductivity. The grey, 2-part, medium viscosity epoxy reliably bonds metal sheets or electrical components where toughness and thermal conductivity is required. It can be used in high temperatures up to +200°C, provides large gap fill and high compression strength in harsh environments.
  • High temperature resistance up to +200°C
  • Thermal Conductivity: 1.4 W/mk
  • Suitable for Surface Permanent Magnet (SPM) and Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) bonding
  • High impact and high humidity resistance
  • Large gap fill (up to 3mm)
  • High shear strength of 20 N/mm²
  • Curing mechanism: RT, Heat or induction
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Technical Information

Mix ratio, by volume 2 : 1
Mix ratio, by weight 100 : 50
Pot life, Mixed @ 25.0 °C 165.0 - 255.0 min.
Casson viscosity, cone & plate, Resin @ 25.0 °C Shear Rate 0 to 40 s⁻¹ 5.0 - 16.0 Pa∙s
Color, Resin White
Casson viscosity, cone & plate, Hardener @ 25.0 °C Shear Rate 0 to 40 s⁻¹ 8.0 - 24.0 Pa∙s
Color, Hardener Gray