Features and Benefits

LOCTITE ABLESTIK CDF 200, Hybrid Chemistry, Die Attach
LOCTITE® ABLESTIK CDF 200 highly filled, conductive die attach adhesive is designed to provide high thermal and electrical conductivity in the attachment of integrated circuits and components onto metallic leadframes. It can be used in a variety of die sizes ranging from 0.2mm x 0.2mm to 5mm x 5mm . This adhesive exhibits strong adhesion to various wafer metallizations and leadframe finishes.
  • High MSL reliability
  • Controlled fillet size
  • Consistent bondline thickness
  • No resin bleed-out
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Technical Information

Adhesive film thickness 15.0 µm
Dicing tape diameter 8.0
Hot die shear strength 5.2 kg-f
Tensile modulus, @ 25.0 °C 5400.0 N/mm² (783200.0 psi )
Wafer diameter 8.0